Two Days of Turquoise

Last weekend was oddly busy.


Obviously there was lots of beer and wine to drink and cheese to eat pre-Whole 30, but also in the span of 48 hours we watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies while partaking in British Themed Menu, attempted to attend a wedding where the groom rode in on a horse, worked our asses off in the gym – partly, of course, to work off that British Themed Menu (I did so many overhead squats MY ABS ARE SORE. That’s a lot of squats. 50 to be exact!), drank beer at one of our favorite breweries while watching Beach Volleyball right before enjoying basil gimlets at a swanky restaurant, watched an awesome fashion show, listened to DJ Shadow and lamented our aging, danced like crazy people while watching Chromeo perform, cooked a lot of Whole 30 approved food, and helped friends christen their newly remodeled kitchen. Honestly, I’m tired just writing about it, but it was a damn good time.

Friday started with basically all of the brown and yellow food.
Delicious food, but still. Can I get some chives up in here to dress that up or something? I made a Paleo version of this Shepherd’s Pie recipe and served it along side some of Mel’s delicious Paleo Scotch Eggs. AMAZING, all of it, but I totally should have made a salad. What did you think of the Opening Ceremonies? I liked that it was whacky and centered around music, but I know it got panned by a lot of folks.

Saturday I did the following workout and then wanted to die:
Run 800 m
200 double unders
150 sit ups
50 Overhead Squats @ 65lbs
Run 400 m

No pictures of that. Just imagine a giant pile of sweat and spandex. That’s what I looked like. 🙂

I did take pictures of my Saturday night outfit and my Sunday afternoon outfits though…

On the left: Pants: Gap Always Skinny Skimmer (cropped) in Turquoise, Tank: scored at Ross. Some weird brand. Shoes: Merona. (old) Love you Target! Earrings: Target (old)

On the Right: Tank: Old Navy (old) Skirt: Gap Outlet (old) Shoes: Mossimo Target

I guess I was in a turquoise mood this weekend! Not a surprise, it is basically my favorite color. Saturday night we went to an event called Launch that was a giant festival of fashion/music/art. We went out to support Garrett’s friend Nicole who designs pretty amazing clothing with her main squeeze Justin. I figured if there was any night that I could get away with wearing skin tight turquoise pants, it was at a fashion event, right? Check out some of the FREAKING AWESOME looks:

photos courtesy of Shannon Schureman

Creative people make me happy.


After the fashion show DJ Shadow and Chromeo were performing which was just an absolutely fun combo. The people watching during DJ Shadow was ON. POINT. Lots of girls in way-too-short skirts gyrating with men wearing jeans that were just a little too skinny. It was funny. We felt old. But then Chromeo came out and we were back in our element. I do not have a single running mix on my ipod that does not include Chromeo. They are hilarious and great workout music. Highly recommend!

Sunday I went to Costco to get Whole 30 ready. Check out this overflowing grocery cart!
We’re as ready as we’ll ever be, I think.


Then in the afternoon we went to a Kitchen-warming party. Wait, wait…a what??? Friends of ours just remodeled their kitchen so they threw a BBQ to test out the new digs. Lots of good sangria, good people and good food. Also? BOCCE BALL. Which is seriously super fun and totally not a random senior citizen game as I may have previously thought. 🙂

I can’t believe we crammed all of that in to our weekend. But I guess it’s good since we have managed to orchestrate a pretty calm August. I’m planning to sleep a lot, workout a lot, cook a lot, and watch a loooooooooooooooooooooooot of TV. (Guilty Pleasure Goal! What???)

Holy crap, you guys…AUGUST IS TOMORROW. I don’t know where the time goes!

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9 Responses to Two Days of Turquoise

  1. sizzle says:

    That IS a super busy weekend. It does sound like fun though. happy first day of Whole30!

  2. sizzle says:

    Even though you are starting tomorrow. D’oh! I hit send before I finished. I am a dolt.

  3. Chloe says:

    So I’ve been reading your blog for about a month now and just totally have a highschool type crush on it. You’re writing is so sincere and fantastic, it’s my favorite thing to read each day! And thank you for keepin it real with what you eat. So refreshing to see someone with great prespective about the whole eating this way for life deal.

    I haven’t taken the leap for Whole30 yet, I’m not sure wine and I could be apart for that long, but hopefully eventually I’ll have the courage to try it! Good luck!

    • Holly says:

      Hi Chloe! Thanks for that…you’re the sweetest. I totally get ya on the wine thing. It took me 2 years of Paleo to even consider it solely because eliminating wine + cheese seemed reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally difficult. I’ll let you know at the end if it was worth it. I’m going to miss my Friday night happy hour for sure. 🙂

  4. I did the body test this morning. Unfortunately I only went from 153.2lb lean mass to 155lb but at least I have a starting point. I did the math for me and that makes my goal weight pretty much the exact same as yours. Sadly, it’s exactly what I weighed when I first moved here. *sigh*

    So even more so than ever I think we’re twins. Maybe one day we’ll meet since we’re in the same area. I’m totally ready to get through this month and see how much difference there is.

    • Holly says:

      Good for you! You are kind of a bad ass of lean mass. That may need to be your nickname. 🙂

      You will kick ass on this Whole 30 for sure! We should coordinate a fun little paleo meetup!

  5. Heather says:

    I have so enjoyed visiting your blog. I eat paleo and have a pretty clean diet but not clean enough!! I am also starting the Whole30 today my goal has been to get a grip on my diet and food cravings by my birthday on Sept 1st. I have been having terrible skin allergies all summer and really hoping this will help. Good luck May the force be with us hehehe ~Love Heather

    • Holly says:

      AWESOME! (well, ok not about the skin allergies…HA!) But excited you are doing it too! Safety in numbers and all that 🙂 Best of luck, lady!

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