Life Snapshot: The Seed

Yesterday I woke up at 5 am and made Monday my bitch. I had a quick lunch, was super productive in the afternoon and by 5pm I was at the gym sweating like my head was a water faucet (it wasn’t even that hot!) The workout was brutal — Cleans and Cleans and MORE CLEANS, but since I have been working reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hard to improve my clean form the past 3 weeks I wasn’t all that sad to see them on the menu. There is something incredibly satisfying about doing hard work and actually seeing progress. I left the gym exhausted and molded myself right into the scorching leather of my car’s seat and headed home.

Halfway home I decided this gorgeous evening called for some sun roof action. It was super windy and even in a ponytail my hair was kind of blowing all over the place. I clicked through some radio stations playing endless iterations of teeny-bop boy bands and as I got to my last pre-set this song came on:

It’s a song that I must have listened to a thousand times the summer I met Garrett and instantly it reminded me of hot nights, drinking beers on patios, playing darts, feeling the twinge of butterflies and getting to know someone new. I smiled a little bit to myself, turned the radio up way louder than appropriate for a 33 year old woman driving a Subaru and drove home thinking that this song was indeed a seed planted all those years ago. And almost 10 years later I am just so happy that it is still growing.

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5 Responses to Life Snapshot: The Seed

  1. Aww, sweet. Also, I’m reading way too much into this post. (SORRY, CAN’T HELP IT.)

  2. Holly says:

    HA! I thought about mentioning a lyrics disclaimer for a split second and then didn’t…maybe I should edit… haha

  3. Serror says:

    Love that song!

  4. Jen says:

    I’m a habitual lurker but I had to say it — those sunglasses rock.

    • Holly says:

      Aw…well thanks for the comment Jen! Hooray for de-lurking! And they are straight of the racks at Target. I think they were maybe $14. Pretty sweet deal for a pair of shades I get a lot of compliments on.