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Five Fun Things On Friday

1. My garden finally produced some tomatoes!
FINALLY! Something delicious comes out of the garden!

This year the garden is not quite as abundant as it was last year and I was starting to get depressed and wonder if I was just going to have boxes full of green tomatoes all summer. Last night I walked out to check and found a bounty of delicious looking tomatoes. We sliced them up and ate them STAT and they were so worth the wait!

2. The Olympics start today!

I’m so stoked to watch the opening ceremonies tonight and I hit up the grocery store just to get some ingredients for a very British themed dinner. Yep, I’m that big of a dork. I’m making Mel’s Paleo Scotch Eggs (check out her Olympics Opening Ceremonies Menu if you haven’t yet) and then my favorite Shepherd’s Pie recipe. We’ll be cracking open a delicious bottle of wine and camping out in front of the tube tonight and I think that sounds just perfect!

3. Our DVR is working!
Speaking of the boob tube, last night we had a major DVR scare. You may have seen me live-tweeting my panic. All week I have been sort of burning the candle at both ends and decidedly avoiding relaxing in front of the TV. I tried to sit down and watch some fun stuff Wednesday and FELL ASLEEP. Fail. (Well, except not really because obvs I was tiiiiired.) So last night I was determined to catch up on my guilty pleasure TV, so I got all comfy, poured myself a glass of wine, made a couch fort and just in time to have our DVR crap out! It’s been acting up for a while, but there was a serious Slow Motion Scream when it happened. So inconvenient! Especially on the cusp of all the Olympic events I plan to watch. Garrett sort of took it all apart and then as a joke lifted it over his head and shouted “BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL…” and what do ya know…it’s back in business!

4. This Book!
I’ve made my way through this book over the last couple of days and it is really charming. I am a huge fan of eating dinner together as a family (it’s how both Garrett and I grew up and how we hope to keep our home once we have kids) and I love the author’s philosophies and tips and how to make that happen (and be special) whether you are just married, with little ones, or with a full blown enormous family. The recipes are simple and inspiring (many aren’t Paleo, but you know that never stops me from checking cookbooks out) and it’s just all around a pleasant read.

5. Big Plans!
I plan to spend my weekend reading magazines and cooking with a few mellow social excursions thrown in. Is there anything better than that? I argue there is not.

***What are YOU up to this weekend? Will you be watching the Olympics?

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