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July Favorites

This might be my favorite “favorites” list yet because all of these things have been making me so freaking happy this month!

1. Game of Thrones

Remember how at the end of last month I was all, “Boo Hoo…I never have any time to watch tv” and then I had the grand realization that I make the friggen schedule? Well. I have rectified that and made myself some time to sit down and watch Game of Thrones (Season One) and it has been delightful! Well, maybe delightful is the wrong word, what with all the killing people and random naked women. But if you watch it, you probably understand where I am coming from. If you don’t watch it…well I guess judge that how you will. The thing is I am always game (ha! see what I did there!) to watch a show that has lots of characters, families, dramas and story lines. Epic television, if you will. Of course, I actually have to watch it with the captions on like a dork, and after every episode I have to read plot summaries on line to make sure I got everything. But I like multi-media experiences like that, so YAY! I’m in love.

2. Stone Fruit


So, you know, I try not to eat too much fruit like a good little Paleo Gal Trying to Lose Weight. I keep my carbohydrate consumption to fun things like greens and veggies and what not. But let me tell you something, all of that goes out the window when the summer stone fruit shows up. Peaches! Nectarines! Plums! Cherries! I really can’t get enough right now and have been totally enjoying Mother Nature’s delicious candy. Oh my god I can’t even take myself seriously when I say use that expression. 🙂 I know I already mentioned this, but it is worth repeating because OMG SO GOOD.

3. Garnier BB Cream

Despite its stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid name and ubiquity on The Internet, I actually really do like this product And it’s a buck cheaper on Amazon than at Target (holla!) Anyway, BB Cream. That name is stupid. Saying it out loud? Stupider. It is a “perfecting” lotion that is supposed to even out skin tone with the added benefit of sunscreen. Well I rarely find that a lotion makes my skin look “perfect” but I’ll tell you why I love this — because it makes it look pretty good. And on the weekends, sometimes that is all I care about. This has become an absolute staple on Saturday and Sunday mornings when I want to go run errands but don’t want to put on makeup. BB Cream (barf!) and lip gloss make you look a little less bedraggled and a little more put together. BB Cream — making lazy people less scraggly since 2012! Yes I realize this is the worst marketing copy ever written about a product, but it is true. And less scraggly for the lazy person is *totally* worth the $10.

4. Tri Tip Steaks

I’ve long been a Tri-tip fan, after all I’m from California. This is our meat claim to fame. But to grill up a Tri-tip Roast it takes anywhere from 40-45 minutes and a lot of monitoring. Lately I’ve been seeing Tri-tip steaks everywhere and it is the same delicious cut of meat but in a little mini-steak form. It’s perfect! 10 minutes on the grill, one flip, and it’s a simple weeknight dinner that tastes like time consuming weekend-style bbq. I am in love with the convenience and flavor. If you see them in your Whole Foods or Costco (the only places I’ve seen them here) PICK THEM UP!

5. Kelly Green

Kelly Green

I know summer is for neon and clothing that appears to taste like sherbet, but dammit I’m loving green. Kelly green, in fact. It’s just such a versatile color. The blazer on the left is suuuuuuuper old. How old, you ask? It is from back in the day when Old Navy made clothes that were made to fit really well. Can you remember back that far? I’m talking YEARS. The top right dress is from the Gap but I can’t find a link for it. Hmmm. And the bottom right tank is from Old Navy. (Here is one that is almost identical – and $10) Not the well fitting era, but the material is light and crepe-y and perfect for 100+ degree weather. Uh, just don’t put a hot pink sweater over it obviously.

6. Sunset Magazine

We’ve had a subscription to Sunset for basically FOREVER and I really really enjoy it, but I’ll tell you it is particularly awesome in the summer. I just love reading the tales of local travel, the recipes for fresh food, the landscaping and gardening tips and food adventure inspiration. I just find it particularly inspiring and I will take my inspiration anywhere I can get it. It’s not quite as juicy as Cosmo and Glamour, but I’m pretty sure at this point I am okay with that. 🙂


So that’s what I’m loving this month, what about you?

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