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Life Changing Kitchen Tips – Volume 2

Pssst…You can see Volume 1 right here.

With the advent of Pinterest I am surprised there are any kitchen tips left. But somehow these have showed up on my radar lately and they are new to me, so I thought I’d pass them on.

1. Spiral Cut Your Sausages

You guys you must watch this! – We grill A LOT of sausages around our house and I can’t believe I’ve NEVER even thought to do this. Life Changing!

2. Blender + Water + Cauliflower = Rice

I was skeptical when I watched this video about prepping to rice your cauliflower in a blender with water. I felt like it would be fussy and make more dishes and not really be all that helpful.


It is totally convenient, no mess in comparison, and the uniform texture of the cauliflower made my final dish AWESOME!

3. 2 Minute Matchstick Zucchini

I don’t know about you but when my garden gets rolling, we can’t GIVE the zucchini away fast enough. I’m always looking for good ways to cook it and Chow’s tip to cut it into matchsticks has never even crossed my mind. I’m mostly a “slice it into rounds” kind of gal. Can’t wait to try this just to switch things up a bit.


Any Life Changing Kitchen Tips on YOUR radar lately?

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