2012 // Spring Bucket List — How’d I Do?

It’s time to revisit the goals I made at the beginning of the season and I’m feeling pretty confident about accomplishing quite a bit. Spring was rad. End of story. And it makes me feel even more excited for summer!


Wine Country Picnic at least once — So that happened! And it was just what the doctor ordered.
Let's have lunch!
Host Brunch + Make a Fun Cocktail — I didn’t host a brunch, but I did make a fun cocktail. Does that count? 🙂
Plan + Execute something fun for Garrett’s Birthday — It was actually a pretty mellow weekend, but that was only after much prodding from Garrett. So I would say Overall Birthday Success! I mean, there was ice cream for lunch — come on!
Go to the theater – My mom and I hit up Legally Blonde: The Musical. And it ruled!
Win March Madness Pool — FAIL. Boo.
Invite friends over to make S’mores in the fire pit — Didn’t do this, but you can bet it will move on over to the summer list

Social Goals: Success!

Beauty + Style

Get my fake tan on — not only did I do it, but I told you all about it.
Wear a dress everyday for a week — Check. And I documented most of it on Instagram (hollywouldifshecould if you aren’t already following along)
Buy a new bathing suit – I didn’t actually because I’m still loving the one I purchased last year and hardly wore. I did recommend that you get out there and buy YOURSELF a fabulous one. So Did you?
Buy some freaking colorful pants — Done. And I LOVE them.
Rainy Day // Sunny Pants
Get a pedicure — nope. God, I’m such a failure at this. And it’s PAMPERING! You’d think I would be more…diligent?
Dye my hair (eep! haven’t done this in TEN YEARS) — didn’t dye it, but chopped it all off…that totally counts for something!

Spring Beauty + Style: Total Win!


Spend a long weekend in Portland — Yep. And I can’t shut up about it.
Day Trip to Tahoe — we didn’t do this, but we are headed up there to cheer on our friends competing in The Fittest of the Sierras next weekend for a couple of days. Weekend Trips to Tahoe > Day Trips. Really looking forward to it.
Day Trip to Sonoma — Done. And there was reuniting with Pork Belly. F*CK Yeah!
Day Trip to SF — Didn’t do it. Need to work that out for summer when it is sweltering in Sac. I want to get into the city and take some pictures. Who’s up for a photo date?

Travel: Worked out pretty well.


Read 10 Books — I read exactly 10, even though I picked up 12. Not bad. Don’t forget to enter my Summer Reading Giveway!
Plant Garden — The garden is in the ground and looking pretty good. I keep meaning to post an update but it’s sort of anti-climatic. Maybe I’ll take some pictures this weekend. For now, trust me — this stuff did get into the ground!
Buy a Hydrangea — I did. And it was cute! And now dead. #brownthumbforever
Hang Art in the kitchen — Nope. But I did buy this print and I don’t care if it is going to be the next Keep Calm and Carry On, I love it. And will hang it somewhere. Someday. Maybe?
Paint the office (or one GD room!) — BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m starting to think I am doomed to a white house forever. I mean, there could be worse things. But god, Holly, grow a pair and buy some paint already!
Buy fresh flowers for the house more than once – Yep. Worth It. Every Time.

Home Goals: Pretty Good. Still though, grow a pair woman. PAINT YOUR FRIGGEN HOUSE.


Hit up the Carmichael Farmer’s Market — I did! And Y’all it rocks so hard! I’m so glad I finally made it over that way.
Make a Home Cured Corned Beef — Nope. Too lazy. Maybe next year.
Make Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes (and find someone to eat them) — Nope. But you know, that’s probably good in the end.
Make 5 New Salads — Probably didn’t do that many but I made quite a few from this list. I’ll keep this going for summer. Plus hey — 4 new Salad Dressings!
Make Eggs Benedict for Easter — Tooooooootally. Oh god, who wants to cook me that right now?
Hit up a You-Pick Berry Farm — Didn’t do it. Still might.
Make Jam — These two kind of go together. So basically, double fail. 🙂
Drink a Key Lime Martini at Centro — Ooooh, no but I will TOTALLY do this for summer! Damn those are good.

Food: Fared So-So


Explore Trail Running — If by explore you mean “thought about it a lot but did nothing about it” then yes. Success!
Run outside more — totally nailed this. I’ve become pretty comfortable running in 85+ degrees.
Conquer Toes to Bar — So close, yet so far away.
Get 1 Unassisted Pull Up — Don’t even talk to me about this.
Run a 5K — Nope.
Go Kayaking — Summer Bucket List, you’ve been warned.

Fitness: So Hey, this seems like a fail. But more likely, my actions just didn’t really reflect my written goals. I’ll be more thoughtful when I make my Summer List.


I feel pretty happy with those results, and I really feel like we enjoyed the hell out of spring. Sure I wish I would have read more and made more precise fitness goals. But instead we traveled, I cooked, we drank wine…and if you notice I didn’t mention anything about fretting about the scale. I just enjoyed life. It was good. I would like a second helping of that, please!

So. I think we can all agree it’s on to summer, yes? Are you making a bucket list this summer? It seems everywhere I turn people are making them! I love that…so much inspiration! Anything on your must tackle list: Fitness? Style? Home? Food?

Talk to me!

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4 Responses to 2012 // Spring Bucket List — How’d I Do?

  1. Steph says:

    Under inspiration from you I created 2nd Quarter Goals. I have a bit of work to do before 6/30, but I am trying my best! 🙂

  2. sizzle says:

    I love, love, love hydrangeas and am definitely planting some in my new house!

  3. Denise says:

    I’ve never thought of a seasonal bucket list before. That’s genius.

  4. Maureen says:

    That picture of Garrett with his ice cream just cracks me up! I am going to make a summer bucket list, because before I know it, fall will be here.