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Wednesday Bullets

It’s Wednesday and I’m feeling a little random today. Want proof? Here’s a picture of Garrett wearing a jaunty pirate hat. For no reason.

I think Garrett is a natural pirate...


Anyway, I’m traveling for work today which means while you read this I am probably riding in the car with my boss for many hours, shaking someone’s hand, smiling and nodding, or kissing babies or something. YAY! Please just stuff that jealousy right back down where it came from.

Soooooooooooo, while I do that fun stuff, here are some completely arbitrary things from around the internet. I wish I could find some creative thread to link them all, but instead they will just be all over the map. Like me today, actually. HEY-O! That was some creativity for you right there! If we were on Jeopardy this would be the Potpurri category. But I will not be quite as snide, snippy, snooty-pants as Alex Trebek.

I hope.

Well, I won’t correct your French pronounciation, that’s for sure.

Anyway — here are some things!

*I came across this funny post about 65 Rules for Successful Living and it made me nod my and laugh hysterically in equal parts. (It’s full of “colorful” language, so beware.) #2 is basically my motto in life. #26 is SO. Darn. True. I want to tell everyone in the world #35. #38 took me like 30 years to learn. I love the graphic for #57. Oh man, just go read it.

*I fell down a rabbit hole of Parenting Book Recommendations the other day that started with this post. Weird I know. I like rabbit holes. The more random the better. Anyway, while I don’t think a book is going to teach me how to “do everything right” when it comes to having a kid, I am a book lover (as you know!) and so when I have a chance to learn about something in book form it excites me! Anyway, that was my long winded way of asking if YOU read any interesting books about conception/being pregnant/having a little one that you would recommend. Alert: NOT PREGNANT, it’s just on my mind.

*I liked this mix of Summer Songs. (Still not sick of this Robyn album! That is a damn good album!) What is it about summer that just REQUIRES fun music? We’ve been listening to a lot around around here, but can I confess something to you? Summer 2012 is totally going to be the summer of Call Me Maybe, and I’m not even upset about it. 🙂

*This shirt makes me laugh. I need some more pithy shirts to add to my (very small) collection. Scratch that, make it tank tops. (Here, how about this one? HILARIOUS) It’s too damn hot for t-shirts lately!

*This was an interesting post about Cleansing and Fasting. The internet is always talking about one or the other, so it was nice to learn a little something about how the body works with respect to both. It’s very science-y though. Drink a cup of coffee first.

*Did you think Alt Summit sounded cool? Did you know you there is an Alt Summit Channel that offers classes you can take when you are bored at work feel like learning?

*Do you subscribe to the Oprah philosophy of not eating after a certain time at night? 5pm? 6pm? Whatever. Ask yourself if that seems to have worked for Oprah. Then read this. Then quit worrying about it and eat when your body tells you to eat.


Ok, your turn to let your arbitrary-nature shine! Leave me a link of something fun to read. I’ll be in the car a lot today, remember? I need a reason to furrow my brow and pretend to be reading something important. 🙂

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