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100 Hours: How Do You Spend Yours?

Did you know there are 168 hours in a week? For some reason when I hear that, I already feel behind the 8-ball. That’s…not that many hours especially if, like me, you are aiming to get 8-9 hours of sleep per night.

(You mean I’m going to WASTE 56-63 HOURS of that time sleeping?)

Don’t worry, I don’t really think it’s a waste of time — I actually completely buy Robb Wolf’s famous words that “Lack of sleep cock-blocks your fat loss” but the reality is, after you subtract time for sleeping you really only have about 100 hours leftover. Better make them count, eh?

Because I always like to see how other people live, here is how I’ve been spending some of those 100 hours during the first half of this week.

12:30am — Woke up to the sounds of a helicopter and the police saying there was an armed man running through people’s yards. Turns out it was a fake gun, but that didn’t make it any less freaky in the moment. That has never happened before on our quiet little street, and I hope it never happens again because that FREAKED MY SHIT OUT for a good hour.

4:00 — Up for real this time 4:00-4:45 — drink coffee (obviously), check email, read blogs, think what I need to get done this week.

4:45-5:45 — Work on blog posts for the week, organize some photos, make some lists.

5:45-6:15 — Listen to the news for a minute, straighten up stuff around the house + kitchen, put away laundry, pack gym bag.

6:15 — Get ready for work, close up the house, grab lunch and head to work.

7:15 — Make another cup of coffee at work IMMEDIATELY. Then get the work day started.

11:45 — Head home for lunch. Today it’s grilled chicken salads. So glad the chicken is already grilled! Watch some of Mad Men with Garrett.

1:00 — Back at work. Time to kick this afternoon’s ass!

4:30 — Close up shop at work. Head over to the gym.

5:00 — Glad to see all my American River CrossFit peeps after the weekend off. Spend the hour working on Power Cleans, Deadlifts, and in lieu of weighted pull ups I work on negatives with the band. I would really like to be able to do a pull up, man.


6:15 — Post Wod protein shakes with Garrett while I prep stuff for dinner. Garrett and I do a cooking/shower relay on most nights after the gym. It goes like this: he showers first, I get everything for dinner in the pan. I shower second, he monitors, stirs and serves.


7:00 — Sit down to eat. SITTING FEELS FRIGGIN AMAZING! Finish watching Mad Men, discuss whether or not the show is jumping the shark or just being extra subtle and smart this season.

8:00-8:30 — Work on blog stuff while Garrett watches some form of vehicle racing. Motorcycles maybe? I’m not sure.

8:45 — In bed to read. Currently enjoying this on the kindle app for my phone.

9:00 — Lights out. Well, at least inside. It is still light outside. Lament that I’m getting old! 🙂

5:15 — Wake up! Since it was hot and I was still kinda tired from the helicopter fiasco the night before I opted to skip my usual Tuesday 5am workout. I’ll hit up the gym tonight instead!

5:30 — Make myself a giant glass of citrus water and chug it before I let myself have coffee. Obviously I chug fast. Read emails, read blogs.

The new and improved Hydration Station!

6:00 — Get ready for work, pack gym bag, scavenge for breakfast which ends up being delicious!

Dose of Reality: what I really look like leaving for work in the morning!

7:00 — Back to work! Eat breakfast. MOAR COFFEE!


12:00 — Impromptu lunch at Panera with old co-worker. Tried and loved their Avocado Cobb Salad. YUM!

1:30 — Back at work, harnessing my inner productivity goddess.

4:30 — Close up shop and head to the gym.

5:00 — Meet Garrett at the gym. Work on shoulder press, push press and push jerks. Then complete “Running Annie” (50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders and Sit-Ups, running 200 m after each round.) This is usually one of my favorites except my jump rope broke in the middle this time. ARGH!


6:00 — Stayed after the workout to bullshit and coordinate with some of the gals we are going to Tahoe with this weekend. YAY!

6:45 — Home. Protein Shake. No shower relay since I lagged a bit at the gym, dinner needs to just GET ON THE TABLE. Grill up some chicken thighs, nuke some sweet potatoes and make a quick avocado-broccoli slaw, which is my new FAVORITE THING TO EAT EVER.

7:30 — Eat while watching Real Housewives of New Jersey. I kind of sob through it actually since it’s a wedding episode. I don’t know what it is about weddings, even the Reality TV weddings of strangers make me cry!

8:30 — Shower. Because I AM DISGUSTING MYSELF.

9:00 — Work on a blog post.

9:45 — Get in bed and realize that I won’t be able to hit up the 5am WOD tomorrow morning either!!! I’m disappointed at that but I have a strict (and I mean STRICT) 6 hours of sleep rule for early morning workouts. If I’m not going to get 6 hours of sleep, I don’t get to work out. Period. Booooooooooooo.

10 — Lights out after some reading.

6:00 — Sleep in. Get a full EIGHT HOURS! Awesome!

6:00-6:30 — drink coffee, read blogs, check email

6:30 — Wash hair. Yep, that’s my dirty little secret. Dude, I JUST SHOWERED 8 HOURS AGO, I’m not squeegeing that thing again! But I also don’t have the kind of hair that can go more than about 12 hours without looking like I fried bacon in it, so hair washing it is!

7:30 — Finally get to work. Running late!


8:00 — More coffee dude. This is my morning ritual and I do not want to let it go. Time to get productive!

The best part of being at work...

12:30 — Late lunch. Scarf on some Taco Salad with Garrett. Back in the office an hour later.

4:30 — Close up shop, time to head to the gym and stop being a Fraidy-cat about my back squat.

5:00 — Meet Garrett at the gym. Allow my gym buddy Linh to push me a little bit harder than usual during bench presses, front squats and back squats.

6:00 — Head home. Think about what you are supposed to be cooking on the way home. Try a new protein shake with coconut milk, water and powder. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT AT ALL. GAG.

6:30 — Realize it’s going to be grilled sausages, shrimp and veggies because that is quick and easy.

Mixed Grill.

Listen to the newest M.I.A album while doing so. Not sure I like it.

7:00 — Eat dinner and watch Real Housewives of New York with Garrett. I guess I’ve totally outed his Housewives Habit, now haven’t I?

8:00 — Shower time and winding down the evening. Garrett is quick to get in bed. His wod was pretty brutal tonight!

9:30 — Realize that if you don’t wrap up this blog post and fall asleep in 26 minutes, you’ll have to skip your 5am workout tomorrow again.



How do you spend YOUR 100+ hours?

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