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May Progress Report + June Intentions

I’m pretty sure I say this on the first of every month, but HOLY HELL HOW IS IT JUNE ALREADY? The year is almost halfway over. I mean, how is that even happening? This month flew by, and honestly I’m not sure I have a ton to show for it, progress-wise. I’m feeling a little lackluster about my fitness goals so that seems to be clouding everything. But I did have FOUR intentions and they weren’t a total loss.

Here’s how they shook out:


Broke in some new kicks this AM #minimuslove

Unassisted Pullups, Trail Running, Kayaking were all on my “I’m totally gonna rock that in May” List. All of which I DID NOT DO. We did plan a kayaking trip on Garrett’s birthday weekend but the weather didn’t cooperate and haven’t tried again. Perhaps in June!

This was definitely a rough month at the gym for me but honestly I’m gonna cut myself a little slack because even though I wasn’t in the best fitness head space I showed up and tried hard quite a bit. And I mean, I kicked Murph’s ass — that has to count for something, right?



I had hoped to do some serious dining al fresco and let me tell you I OWNED THIS ONE! 🙂

There was grilling and cocktails and amazing salads and dinner on paper plates almost nightly! It’s starting to get pretty sweltering around here so we’ll see how long we can keep up with that. For now, it was awesome and I’m glad we’ve made an effort to enjoy our backyard so much.

That's a fine lookin' dinner...even if it is on a paper plate!



There were plenty! Garrett’s birthday weekend was a relaxing affair, my cousin Gina had her bridal shower and we got to send off our good friend Erin to her next chapter in New Mexico. It’s nice when a month goes by and you realize you have done a lot of glass clinking and toasting to future merriment.


Busted out the denim pencil skirt to make it 5 for 5 on dresses/skirts this week. Spring bucket list: CHECK!

I wanted to wear dresses for a week and cut my hair. I successfully did both. Score! Style Victory.

Now what the hell am I intending to do in June?


That’s a good question.

I want to head over to Sonoma when it gets hot because it is gorgeous there.
I plan to address some items from my 2012 Goal List that I’ve been avoiding (Hello, Finances and Home Improvement!)
I hope to run more and improve my speed (and perhaps think about this half marathon in October that some friends are doing.)
I want to spend time with friends and family, enjoy summer and get to working on my Summer Bucket List.
And I want to talk Garrett into another Guest Post. 🙂

We’ll see how it all goes….

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