May Favorites

May has been a super busy month, but I’m never too busy to make lists of things I love. This month I’ve officially put away my fall/winter clothes and have been trying to reconfigure some kind of spring/summer wardrobe. I’ve also been enjoying a lot of time out in the backyard, LOTS of grilling, and of course some time in the gym. Most of my favorite things this month reflect that:

1. Summer Sandals

Listen, closed toed shoes are fun and all, but I would rather spend my day in some sandals. I’m not even that picky — wedges, flip flops, complicated strappy rigamarole…I’ll wear it. And love it. And I have been all month.

2. Backyard Workouts


We bought a 53lb kettlebell this month, and let me tell you — this baby is no Jane Fonda dumbbell. Swinging the sucker is such a fantastic workout, and even better – one I can do at home when I can’t get to the gym. I’d love to have a fancy gym at my house but it’s sort of at the bottom of my financial priority list right now. Having purchased this baby (who we named Brutus!), my trusty (and cheap) jump rope, and a patio that’s measures perfect for 15m shuttle sprints, I’ve made up a bunch of fun workouts to do at home. If you’re interested I’ll share them in the future.

3. Chive and Tarragon Chicken Sausage


I picked these up at the farmers market a couple weeks ago from the Smokey Ridge Charcuterie booth and holy hell they are DELICIOUS. I stocked up last weekend and now all I want to do is figure out how to include it in a meal. Next on my list to try is the Merguez Sausage. YUM!

4. Bright Colored Pants

Bright pants make me feel more AWAKE!!!

They just brighten your day. Period. These were a good investment, although honestly they were hardly an investment because I picked them up at the Gap Outlet on sale. SCORE!

5. Skinnygirl Cocktails


Yep, still love these. While I enjoy making my own cocktail concoctions, it’s nice to know there are options out there if you don’t want 500 calorie margaritas all summer. We have been enjoying the patio and the fire pit a lot so far this season and it’s nice to be able to pour a little treat over ice and head out there with a book in under 5 minutes — no muddling or shaking required. The peach margarita flavor wasn’t my favorite (still pretty good though) but I’m loving that they have branched out with new flavors and alcohol combinations. Makes me want to try them all! 🙂

6. Rick’s Picks – Spicy Sriracha Pickle Chips


Look, these are called “Hotties” — I mean how can you NOT love that? But seriously, they are garlicky, spicy, sriracha pickles. If you like heat and flavor — you MUST try these. I picked them up at Whole Foods and I’m embarrassed to say it took us about a day and half to eat the entire jar.

7. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes


Full disclosure: I received these in the mail from Klout a few months back, but then I promptly forgot about them. I tried the face wash that they sent with it, didn’t love it, so these ended up stashed in my bathroom beauty-overflow cabinet. You have this section of your bathroom cabinet, right? Tell me I am not a crazy product hoarder! You know, the place where beauty products go to die, or perhaps just take an intermission? Anyway, I ran out of my beloved Neutrogena wipes in my gym bag so I decided to throw these in there until I could swing by Target and remedy the situation. The thing is, no remedy needed. I LOVE THESE. They are suuuuuuuuuper gentle (they say they are for sensitive skin right on the package!) and they do a great job getting all your makeup off, which as we get into hotter weather becomes ESSENTIAL to me before a workout. Check them out!


So that’s what I’m loving!

What’s putting a smile on your face this month?

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25 Responses to May Favorites

  1. Great post! I want to do more of this type of post. 🙂

    P.S. Is that KB from Sean? We’re going to stamp the next shipment with a griffin (like his tattoo)! haha

    • Holly says:

      You should! I always love reading about what’s on everyone’s radar. And the kb is TOTALLY from Sean. He needs to start a kettlebell side business and then you can both live off his riches. Then you can blog full time, k? This is my fantasy for you two…don’t rain on my parade! 🙂

  2. Melanie says:

    I need/want practically everything you listed! Except the sausages… I’m just not a sausage girl (Ha! Dirty jokes!), although I’ve never tried fancy flavored chicken sausage, so maybe I’d like that better than the standard pork kind.

    And I totally have a section of our bathroom cabinet filled with things I don’t really like or use. But I can’t just throw them out! I might like/want them someday! Mine includes some face products I don’t love, perfumes and body sprays I never wear, and mousses/gels that I’m always too lazy to use. 🙂

    • Holly says:

      I had to rewrite sentences in the sausage section many times because I was giggling like a 12 year old boy. 😛

  3. Steph says:

    LOVE those pickles!!!

    And I would really like to gear about your backyard workouts! Though I canny punt that I can swing a 53 pound kettle ball!

  4. San says:

    I am with you on the sandals — I LOVE sandals weather 🙂 I could live in sandals!

    Also, ice cream. When the weather gets warm, I love some ice-cream/popsicles. Dreyer’s Fruit Bars are pretty good – and only 80 calories!

    Have you ever had (fresh) pork belly for bbq? It’s THE BEST.

  5. San says:

    I usually get it at Morant’s (5001 Franklin Blvd)… it’s a German butcher shop. I usually have to call in advance to let him know I want the pork belly fresh (otherwise he’ll turn it into bacon)…. maybe we should go there together sometime. It’s just THE BEST BBQ meat, period.

  6. Stephanie says:

    1.) saltwater sandals (for adults!), 2.) weekday downtown farmers’ markets, 3) weekday food truck events, 3.) baseball(!), 4.) new jersey housewives (yay for guilty pleasures), 5.) last month my son is a 1 year old, and 6.) finding out if I will have a niece or a nephew!

    • Holly says:

      Oh man…I can’t even begin to THINK about Sacramento food trucks or I will just be opening the flood gates of gluttony 🙂

      Also: NJ is one of the only Housewives franchises that Garrett will watch with me. Teresa is a nutjob.

      Re # 6: My money is on a niece. I’m calling it right now. BUT I’M READY TO KNOW TOO! 🙂

  7. Oh hi, I’m going to need to know where you got the complicated strappy rigamarole sandals because I need to copy you and buy a pair immediately.

    • Holly says:

      Good News: I bought them at Target
      Bad News: I bought them last year.
      Better News: Target is FULL of fun strappy rigamarole sandals right now because I have almost purchased 2 other pairs, but refrained because I had these and already don’t wear them often enough.

      Tarjay, yay!

  8. Elsha says:

    I pretty much love every pair of your sandals! Makes me wish I didn’t just put on flip-flops anytime I want to go anywhere. (I do though. Doesn’t matter how many pairs of cute sandals I own.)

    • Holly says:

      Oh I know the feeling. I’m actively trying to run errands on the weekends in cuter outfits. It’s work though. 🙂 haha

  9. Stephanie says:

    My moola is on a girl, too.
    Ryan totally watches NJ with me–how could you not watch that craziness?
    The date for the next big weekend food truck event is set but it will be insane. The evening event in downtown last week was amazingly lowkey and relaxing. I’ll let you know if I hear of another weeknight event. 🙂

  10. Trish says:

    Do you know where to by those face towels? I’ve never seen them.

  11. Andrea says:

    Chicken sausage cooked in the oven with shredded cabbage and a pat of butter on top is amazing!

    • Holly says:

      That SOUNDS amazing. I loooooooove shredded cabbage in any form, basically! 🙂 Thanks!

  12. Tahitian Moon says:

    Your summer sandals are the cutest. I am digging the new look (the cute hair and the funky little sundresses). You look like summer. You are making me want to grill out and drink cocktails. I wish I lived in Sunny Cali and not the humid Louisiana swamp.

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