Holiday Pay


I’ve brewed up a post about how to wear a belt when you have no actual waist to speak of and you are scared to death of accessorizing beyond a necklace and some earrings. Um, the title might need a little work. 🙂

But when I thought about posting it today, on Memorial Day, it felt a little…I don’t know, trivial? So I’m gonna suggest this instead, and I mean it in the least douchey and cliched way possible:

Today, I think we should relax. I think we should spend some time with our friends and family. I think you should grill if that’s what your heart desires, or hell — order some takeout. Maybe do some laundry or clean your kitchen. Maybe pick up the socks your kids keep leaving on the ground. Pay some bills or run to the grocery store. Eat, drink, be merry and pepper that with a few of those mundane chores that make your life feel Not All That Glamorous.

But while you’re doing it, allow yourself a small and silent moment of gratitude for the people and the families who are missing their loved ones today. Maybe hug yours an extra time or two. Be grateful for the minutiae today because so many folks have given up their opportunity to wash that pile of dishes that never seems to go away, and to hug their families, and to throw some hot dogs on the BBQ, so that we can do all of those things in peace. And honestly, the gravity of that sacrifice is unreal.

So. I don’t mean to get all maudlin, but I just couldn’t talk about belts today, you know? Forgive me. Instead I’m off to hang my flag, marinate some steak, hug my boyfriend, call my mom and then sometime around 10 am I plan to annihilate my shoulders, do 300 squats and then run a couple miles for a fella who died in Afghanistan. I think it’s shaping up to be a pretty good day.

And then tomorrow: We’ll totally Put a Belt On It.

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