What’s For Dinner

I was all stressed out about planning a menu and going grocery shopping this morning and then it dawned on me: I ONLY HAVE TO COOK FOR 3 DAYS NEXT WEEK! Then we are off to Portland and someone else will be doing the cooking. YUM! 🙂

So I scrambled through my fridge and threw together some random combinations of food, and we now have a menu! Bonus, I only need to pick up a few things at the store so I don’t even have to go today if I don’t feel like it. Sunday Fun-day it is! I think I’m going to watch some Formula 1 with Garrett, organize  my closet, and read a little bit.  (Yes I realize I just listed organizing as something fun, but man, I do love it!)

Here’s what we’re chowing on this week:

Lunch: Chex Mix Shrimp (Just toss your shrimp in melted butter + the seasoning mixture for Chex Mix. Saute or broil and done. It’s amazing!) over Cauliflower Rice
Dinner: Big Blue Burgers + Salad + Sweet Potato Fries


Lunch: Taco Salad with Ground Turkey
Dinner: Blackened Mahi Mahi + Sauteed Rainbow Chard + Salad


Lunch: Salmon Burgers + Sauteed Zucchini
Dinner: Must Go Veggie Frittata (As in “all veggies in the fridge Must Go” + Fried Ham + Sweet Potato Hash

Thursday and on…


This picture just made me laugh so I had to include it.


What’s cooking in your neck of the woods this week? Plus, last call for good restaurant suggestions in Portland. Leave ’em in the comments.

Have a great week you all!

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12 Responses to What’s For Dinner

  1. Mary Hone says:

    Tonight is sweet potato stew and carrot cake cupcakes. The stew is great, but this is the first time I’ve made the cupcakes. So we’ll see.

  2. serror says:

    Oh my. We just got back from a weekend of gorging ourselves in Portland. We enjoyed Andina (Peruvian-go at lunch as it is a bit pricey but really good), Eleni’s, Pine State Biscuit, Pok Pok (amazing). Love the bloody mary’s at Doug Fir and drinks at Teardrop and Clyde Common. Let me know if you need more! YUM!

  3. Erica says:

    Portland is great. I enjoyed Andina a lot too, as well as Higgins – beautiful charcuterie there. We went to Mother’s for breakfast one day and that was super good. I doubt you’re a zoo fanatic like me but the Portland Zoo is also nice and easy to access from public transportation!
    You can’t miss with the food in Portland! Also their little flea market thing on the weekend is nice. If you see Nicole Flood selling hats you should get one they are so awesome.
    Have fun! Portland rocks. Live the dream of the 1890’s.

  4. Sharon says:

    We’re local to Portland but we don’t eat out much–that means I don’t have any good suggestions for you. There is a blog that might give you some ideas: http://meateats.com/ I agree with their take on Dick’s Kitchen. Wherever you go, wild-caught salmon is a good choice. Have a great time while you’re here!

  5. Skogster says:

    Oh my home town PDX, where I do I begin for suggestions. Start in SW Downtown at Carafe, great little french cafe with happy hour at 3pm. Then take a stroll up though the park blocks and make your way to South Park. Another happy hour favorites, sangria is good:) After, walk a few blocks to Portland’s living room (Pioneer Square) and then walk past Macys to The Nines and take the elevator to the 8th Floor at Urban Farmer. Great drinks and amazing happy hour potato chips and steak bits (keeping it Paleo). Afterwards, head up to Departure for the best outdoor view in Portland.
    Now for a little doing, my favourite boutique ever!!! Radish Underground. The owners are two lovely ladies and if you stay long enough, they may offer you a drink while you are busty in the dressing room (who doesn’t love wine while doing?)
    Dinner time. Mucca. Best Italian food in Portland.
    Wow, I could totally keep going.
    Best late night mexican cha cha cha on Glisan Street.in the Pearl (right up from Andina).
    Best Box: SW Portland Crossfit
    Best book store: Powells
    Paper store near Cha cha cha: Obligations
    I would stop. Have fun. Take a leisure walk around the waterfront trail. Three mlle loop around all of Portland’s bridges and waterfront.

  6. sizzle says:

    I didn’t go shopping either since I realized we’re not going to be home together to eat dinner all week basically. Which makes me sad and happy. 😉

    While in Portland, you must try Gravy. Hopefully you’ll have access to a car or can cab it? It’s the yummiest breakfast! I hope you have a great time in PDX. It’s one of my all time favorite places.

  7. Angela says:

    Thanks Holly for posting what your meal plan is. I’m very new to Paleo and CrossFit. I lived off of cereal for the past week-and it wasn’t the healthy stuff either! I just crave the dang sugar!!! After working out one day I decided, its just not worth working that hard and then eating like crap. So I’m trying to change it! The sugar cravings are the worst part! It’s helpful too see what other people are eating. Thanks!