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April Favorites

April is shaping up to be a pretty awesome month. I’ve had some workout PRs, there is lots of cooking going on in my kitchen, and the sun is finally shining! Of course now that it is we are heading to Portland where there is rain in the forecast, but WHO CARES? Because April has been a very very good month.

Here are some things that are keeping the smile on my face:

1. Old Navy Workout Tanks
I’ve mentioned my love of Old Navy workout clothes before. No they don’t compare to the MAGIC of Lululemon, but they are affordable and awesome. And also way better quality than their actual clothes, in my experience, which is sort of sad. Anyway, on the suggestion of one of my gym buddies I picked up one of these tanks in a few different colors recently and you all, THEY ARE SO CUTE! Also very flattering if you are not “excited” about working out in a tank top. They are forgiving around the mid section, come up high enough to camouflage any random arm chub (WHAT?) and I just love them. Get thee to Old Navy before it gets sweltering and they are all gone. For $14 — you can’t go wrong.

2. A Friday Night Cocktail

Also THIS? 2 Thumbs Up.
I’ve really been making a concerted effort to eat well during the week. Not to say I go hog-wild on the weekend, but during the week I’m clean as a whistle, trying to focus on nourishing meals, tough workouts, working hard at my job and sleeping a lot. But come Friday night I’ve been REEEEEEEEALLY enjoying the ritual of a cocktail. Cracking open a bottle of wine with Garrett or pouring a skinny cosmo over ice — it doesn’t matter — just something to acknowledge 5 days of good work. It’s been great! And I’ve been enjoying it so much that Garrett and I are going to collaborate on some cocktail recipes for the blog every Friday in May. Well, collaborate in the sense that I’m going to make some drinks and he is going to drink them. So that should be fun. I’ve been pinning ideas like a mad woman.

3. Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Almond Milk

Despite the numerous adjectives necessary to describe this beverage, it is remarkably simple and delicious. And because there are so many words on the box, I’m going to say very few here. But what I will say: IT IS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

4. PB+J Smoothies
PB+J Smoothie Time!

I don’t know why I call these PB + J Smoothies because there is neither peanut butter nor jelly in there. Weird. But it is still THE BOMB and it is reminiscent of a good PB+J, but with more chocolate and less gluten.

All you do? Blend up 8 oz of almond milk, 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, 1 cup of frozen mixed berries, 2 TBS of Almond Butter. It sounds kind of strange. It tastes kind of AMAZING!

5. Fresh Flowers in My House

It's ridiculous how happy a change of table runner & a cheap bouquet can make me.
Tulips, specifically.

I just love them! And they are $4.99 at Trader Joe’s and I buy them every time I see them and I think to myself often, how can you NOT be happy when these are just nonchalantly hanging out on your kitchen table? It’s very hard. Spring is such a great time to have fresh flowers just hanging out!

6. Cover Girl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm – AKA the Taylor Swift Lipgloss


I actually bought this in a 3 pack at Costco on a whim but I gave one to my mom. So! Only 2. In “Hibiscus” and “Grenache.” And they are a delight. Feels like chapstick with a hint of color. Always a favorite.


And that’s all for now! What stuff is keeping the smile on your face lately?

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