All Hail Routine!

I sort of don’t want to say this out loud — or maybe I should say it and then knock on wood — but life, man: it’s been very pleasant lately. My version of a pleasant life doesn’t look particularly glamorous, but man does it feel fantastic.

This weekend went by super quick, but it involved all of my favorite things:

*Sitting on the couch in my pjs drinking wine and eating chips (Zone Cheat Meal, FTW!)

I don't know what you wild things do on Friday night but we drink wine. And eat chips. #hisandhers

*Sitting on the couch in my pjs drinking coffee

*A rockin’ picnic at a winery (plus many sips at other wineries)


*Cleaning my house

*Organizing my fridge and planning and preparing some Zone-friendly meals


*Catching up on some much needed rest

*Getting to chat with my mom about silly things

*Tinkering around with this blog.

Honestly, it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Time, sleep, bad reality television, good coffee, great friends — I mean, this is the life.

Now if I could just do all of that while simultaneously being FILTHY RICH, that would also be cool. I guess I better get to working on that. 🙂


Any exciting adventures for you this weekend? Did the time change throw you for a loop? Did you have a better Friday night dinner than Chips + Wine? Talk to me…

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3 Responses to All Hail Routine!

  1. A'Dell says:

    Okay, those salt and pepper chips are a HUGE favorite over here but I have never seen the chili ones! And now, OBVIOUSLY, I will have to run out and try to find them b/c that is one of my favorite flavors.


    PS Your meal planning skills are very impressive.

    • Holly says:

      Man what a jerk, I am!

      Well you’ll be happy to know that the salt + pepper chips were my choice and I ate THE WHOLE BAG. 🙂 But the Chili ones were pretty amazing. We had never seen them before, but they will definitely get purchased again.

  2. Liz says:

    I saw the movie Friends with Kids, and being in my early 30’s and one of the last of my friends to not have kids yet, I could totally relate. It was funny and touching and just a nice way to spend a few hours.

    Glad you had a good weekend – the photos from the winery are gorgeous!