Winter Style Challenge – Day Nine // Open to Interpretation

Hooray! Ten days of inspirational style prompts. God knows I need some! Check out Kayla’s post explaining the challenge here if you would like to play along.


Today’s prompt was visual. Get inspired by this outfit:

Then go make one of your own.

I had many ideas.

The first idea — was that I NEEEEEEEDED to buy these pants. (In the Green color, of course!) The problem is that “sateen finish” pants are the kind that wrinkle AS YOU ARE PUTTING THEM ON. I am too old for that. Sorry NY & Co. I can’t hang. Also, they fit weird. Too big in the waist, too small in my thighs. Story of my life — thank you CrossFit.

So my second idea was to pair a fun bright color with some neutrals. So I busted out my new hot pink blazer and a khaki skirt. Because HOW CUTE IS THIS BLAZER?

Cute right?

But I’m not sold on it just yet so I haven’t cut off the tags. It’s the button placement. I could do an entire post on that, but I’m afraid the verdict is going to be to take it back and keep looking and my desire for ONE HOT PINK ARTICLE OF CLOTHING is so strong right now. Le sigh.

Anyway, other more pressing problem: my khaki skirt is now too big. Yay! Except um, boo! So I still had nothing to wear. And at that point I was already like 15 minutes late to work.

So in the end, I did this:


Boots and Pants + some green. Consider that prompt interpreted. There are also some stripes in there because um…obviously. That’s how I roll.


Tomorrow’s prompt is Something You Are Afraid Of…and already, I’m shaking in my boots.

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5 Responses to Winter Style Challenge – Day Nine // Open to Interpretation

  1. sizzle says:

    I own zero articles of clothing in khaki. Actually, I thought the OTI image was a pale pink sweater up until today. Oops! My outfit totally misses the mark but I guess that’s why it’s “open to interpretation”. 😉

    Now I want a hot pink blazer.

  2. Rose says:

    I love how you included your thought process. I agree about the NY&C pants. They were constructed weirdly for me too (and I buy ALOT of clothes from that store). I would love to hear more about the button placement on the hot pink blazer. I have been crushing on the green one, but haven’t gone to try it on yet.

  3. Love the green sweater with the stripes! And that second picture just reenforces the fact that I NEED a pink blazer!

    See Me Rwar

  4. Erica says:

    Oo – I want to see that blazer! But I like what you did as well; green and stripes always make for an amazing outfit.

    North Meets South

  5. bethanyrx says:

    In the last 5 years, I have owned:

    1 hot pink trench coat (and the same style in black)
    1 pair of (almost) hot pink dress pants
    1 pair of fluorescent hot pink patent leather heels
    1 hot pink fake snakeskin motorcycle jacket… which, if I hadn’t just taken it to Goodwill a month or so ago, I would totally mail to you. 😉