A Little of This…

I workout on Monday nights at 5pm. Then I hit up the Tuesday morning class at 5 AM, thus working out twice in twelve hours which honestly, sounds a lot worse than it is. Then I don’t workout again until Wednesday at 5pm which ends up giving me an entire day and a half off which feels like a rest day, even though I’m still getting in 3 workouts in 3 days. The efficiency of this makes me absolutely FULL OF GLEE! You are probably shaking your head right now thinking that I am one card short of a full deck but that’s ok — I take my glee where I can get it. Every once in a while though I do think about this line in an old Mimi Smartypants post and get a chuckle.

I enjoy making lists and spreadsheets and plans of attack, but I can get a little obsessed with efficiency. When things get really bad I realize that I am not only multitasking, but mentally rerouting my actual steps to maximize my efforts (I will take the laundry downstairs and bring X and Y on the way, that will save me a trip, blah blah blah). There is no prize for doing everything correctly, you know? At the end, we’re all just dead, no matter how sensibly and rationally we complete our activities of daily living.

Oh, speaking of Workouts, I made this early this morning. Yes, that is my CrossFit Games competitor profile. Now don’t everyone start laughing at once. I feel kind of dumb mentioning it, but I’m pretty sure I’ve told you more embarrassing things, so hey.

Anyone can participate in the CrossFit Games Open and lots of people at my box are playing along so we are all being encouraged to sign up just to build up camaraderie in the box and to have the experience of participating. I waited until the last possible minute because I kept telling myself I had no business doing it because I’m not one of The Best Athletes in the Box, and then this morning I just decided what the hell! It will be fun to see how I stack up against other athletes participating (If I can even do all of the workouts at all.) So I’m doing it. Whatever.

(But secretly, I’m a little nervous even though it’s NO BIG DEAL.)

I’ve been basically obsessed with reading Ready Player One for a bit (albeit slowly since my reading time this month has still been in short supply) but all the silly gaming and movie references have me wanting to lock myself in my house and watch terrible 80s movies. For a silly bit of nostalgia Garrett and I procured The Wizard the other day and I can’t wait to pop that bad boy in. I loved that movie back in the day! Also I’m pretty sure I spent the 80s wanting to BE Jenny Lewis, which frankly is not that far from how I feel today. HELLO?? She is freaking adorable!

You know Troop Beverly Hills is next on the docket, right? Well, that or Ladyhawke.

Speaking of movies, I have EPICALLY failed at watching the Oscar contenders. This is why I am vowing that March will be the Month of Fun! I have spent a lot of time in January and February being productive and efficient, but you know what: EVERYBODY DIES AT THE END and there is no extra credit for being productive every god damn day. So March: Month of Fun!!! And do you know what is getting me all riled up about that? Making my Spring Bucket List.

There will be brunches.
There will be wine tasting picnics with friends.
There will be Theater Tickets.
There will be creativity.
There will be dress buying.
There will be Trail Runs.
There will be reading.
There will be PRs in the gym.
There will be self-tanner experimentation (HA!)
There will be awesome Paleo cooking.
There will be a Plan of Attack to lose THE FINAL FORTY. (Yep, I’m only 40 lbs away from the lightest I’ve ever been in my adult life. Could you die? I could die.)

And more importantly I will get back to posting some fun stuff around here that isn’t just me blabbering about many unrelated things at once. But I love you all indulge me in that anyway.

What are you looking forward to doing this Spring? My bucket list isn’t set in stone yet. I’m down to hear some suggestions!

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6 Responses to A Little of This…

  1. OMG that is so me. I do that every single morning. “Okay! I am only going to make ONE trip downstairs! What do I need to bring?”

    Nutcase, I tell ya!

    So I hope one of those brunches involves yours truly, AHEM, since we missed your face yesterday.

    And also, I’m totally offering myself up to do a trail run with you, as I would LOVE to do that.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I also found Ready Player One utterly addicting. As for Spring bucket list–I generally don’t make one but some notable features include going to a concert (it’s been a while), a trip to the coast (even if it’s just a day trip), joining a gym (yikes), continuing the process of organizing my house (aka, getting rid of more books), and, of course, doing my favorite thing which is spending time with my little man (and planning his 2nd birthday party). Okay, so maybe I have a mental bucket list but I’ve never thought of it that way. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m glad you signed up for the Open, I’m sure you’ll have fun doing the workouts and counting up your points! πŸ™‚ Sean procrastinated so much I had to sign him up myself!

  4. sizzle says:

    I could die on your behalf- that is awesome!

    I just weighed myself this morning and had the startling realization that I’ve not been doing so hot with the self-care. Back to it for me!

    What am I looking forward to this spring? Sunshine if it ever comes (sometimes we don’t really see it until July, stupid Seattle), planning my wedding, being done with the biggest fundraiser of my year at work.

  5. Kristin says:

    Ladyhawke!!! Love that movie. I would add Labrynth to your list!

  6. I loved LadyHawk so much in high school, I couldn’t even really talk about it. Watched it recently and still loved it, though it is SO very 80s. Matthew B. was adorbs.