Winter Style Challenge – Day Four // Channel Someone

Hooray! Ten days of inspirational style prompts. God knows I need some! Check out Kayla’s post explaining the challenge here if you would like to play along.


I give myself a hard time quite a bit for what I consider very simple style tastes. I’m not super trendy, rarely flashy and don’t have a closet full of hot little numbers to don at a moments notice. So when thinking of someone to channel for today’s prompt, I immediately starting feeling like I wouldn’t measure up. And how stupid is that?

I kept thinking to myself:

“I want to channel someone who is comfortable when they have to sit through a 4 hour sales seminar in the afternoon.”

“I want to channel someone who can throw on pieces in their closet they look like they would be cozy, but also chic.”

“I want to channel someone who looks classic, but not boring.”

And then I had an A-ha Moment that involved a sweater:

Winter Style Challenge

I have so much love for this sweater. It’s from Gap Body so OBVIOUSLY it feels like pajamas! Overall I am super comfortable, but the gold and turquoise jewelry, combined with some comfy and stylish boots make me feel like I’m not leaving the house looking like a total trainwreck.

Do you know what I call this sweater?

My Ralph Lauren Sweater.

Every time I put it on I feel like I should be sitting by a fire drinking hot tea at the wood paneled Lauren Family Compound. I mean, right????

So this channeling exercise was a nice reminder that comfortable and classic can be stylish all at the same time. I mean HELLO isn’t that what The World of Ralph Lauren is based on? And no one’s calling him a slouch!

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7 Responses to Winter Style Challenge – Day Four // Channel Someone

  1. Elsha says:

    That sweater looks so cozy that it makes me want to go out and buy one!

  2. sizzle says:

    It looks awesome! White really looks good on you with your dark hair.

  3. Mary Hone says:

    Very cute, very stylish.

  4. Kayla says:

    Gorgeous! I love how you interpreted the prompt. Now I want that sweater too!

    Freckles in April

  5. Jesabes says:

    That outfit looks so comfy. And way more stylish that MY comfy outfits.

  6. Eos Mom says:

    Very nice, love the sweater!

  7. Kelly Jo says:

    This outfit is so chic! And that sweater looks super comfy – I want it!