The Difference Between Men and Women: Current Events Edition

Actual conversation in our house tonight:

Garrett: Hey did you hear Seal Team 6 rescued some kidnapping victims in Somalia today?

Holly: No. God, how awful.

Garrett: Awful? You mean AWESOME? They got dropped by parachute in the middle of the night!

Holly: Exactly, that sounds awful. Think about how those people must have felt. First, they were over in Somalia, which um…last time I checked wasn’t like spending a week at the Ritz in Maui. Then they get kidnapped, probably by some drugged up teenagers carrying automatic weapons, and held hostage in a “Pirate’s Lair” which is not high on my list of things to experience. And in the middle of ALL OF THAT, sometime in the middle of the night more men with weapons get dropped down in their compound and kill almost everyone. I mean, that has to be terrifying in the moment.

Garrett: Yeah, but they are being RESCUED BY SEAL TEAM SIX. That is a totally surreal experience.

Holly: Surreal???? Garrett — surreal is walking down the street in Vegas and seeing your first girlfriend from junior high. Surreal is going to the grocery store in the town you live in now, but running in to your neighbor from the town you grew up in. Surreal is doesn’t have anything to do with automatic weapons.

Garrett: Man, I bet it went down just like in the movies.

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4 Responses to The Difference Between Men and Women: Current Events Edition

  1. Mary Hone says:

    Yep that’s how they think.

  2. Maureen says:

    Hilarious because this was a conversation that could have happened in my house!!


    Empathy = Foreign concept!

  4. LOL!!! so funny. I had more of the man’s response.