Winter Style Challenge – Day Two // Monochrome

Hooray! Ten days of inspirational style prompts. God knows I need some! Check out Kayla’s post explaining the challenge here if you would like to play along.

Today’s challenge was:  Monochrome.

The only color that is pervasive enough in my closet to have multiple pieces is black.  I suspect I am not alone on this, but that doesn’t make me feel any less amateur. In order to (attempt) to keep from looking like I was heading down to the funeral parlor to see Phaedra and Apollo I had to find some fun accessories to add into the mix.  The leopard print belt jumped right off of it’s hanger.
Winter Style Challenge

Headband: Target
Jacket: Gap
Tank: Old Navy
Pants: Merona for Target
Shoes: Missoni for Target
Ring: I forget, actually. Probably — TARGET! :)

Overall I think this outfit is acceptable.  I would like to have more items in the same color family that aren’t identical. I think I will add that idea to the little shopping list I keep! (Along with some self tanner because HOOOOOO BOOOOY it’s been a long time since my legs have seen the light of day, and it shows!) It did make me grateful for the belt though. That was kind of an impulse buy that I bought for a holiday party last year and I figured I’d never wear it. Now it is one of my favorite things in my closet!

So monochrome was a success! A safe success, but I think a success nonetheless.
(Apparently I want to be a fashionable Dr. Seuss. Don’t mind me.)

Productivity: The Soundtrack (vol. 1)

I mentioned on Sunday that this was going to be a busy week and that is no joke. Generally when I have a busy week at work or at home I make a list, pop in some headphones and turn on an album that will make an hour go by without me even noticing. Sure I could probably craft some super hip playlist that was good for productivity also, but that would require me to actually BE super hip, and that just sounds like a lot of work. I own more than one pair of skinny jeans, can’t I just get a pass? So when I’m being productive I just like to find entire albums that rule, that way I can hit play, not think about anything and just hear some cohesive music without thinking too much. And sometimes (shocker!) I even listen to the CD VERSION! I mean, so retro, yes?

I tend to skew a bit electronic/dance when I want to get my ass in gear, but there are some other gems below too. Here are 5 of my favorites to pop in when I need to get some stuff done in a snap:

1. Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours

What it sounds like:
If Pet Shop Boys had a love child with that outfit you wore back in that 80s that was all neon and mesh. It’s a bunch of Aussie’s making dance music. You can’t help but shake your booty and get things done.

Sample Track:

2. Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles

What it sounds like:
Like your younger brother is playing video games in the other room. But cooler. I mean, they are from Toronto and isn’t that where all the hip music comes from? Oh no, wait that’s Montreal. Yeah, I’m not really a bastion of coolness, but I will tell you this album is $5 and weird and fun and totally productivity inducing!

Sample Track:

3. Fischerspooner – Odyssey

What it sounds like:
I would describe it myself but someone who reviewed it on Amazon so eloquently said that it was a cocaine fueled super model meets an art teacher, or something to that effect, and that is good enough for me.

Sample Track:

4. Sunset Rubdown – Random Spirit Lover

What it sounds like:
I will use any excuse to put this album on, but productivity is always a good one. It sounds like Peter Brady singing in the voice-losing episode of The Brady Bunch, except more pleasantly discordant. One of the most amazing things I have ever seen was this band performing live and sounding JUST LIKE THIS but in person. How someone with such a wacky voice can sound so good live is a mystery to me. And before you know it, I’ve spent an hour thinking about that while accomplishing everything on my to do list. BAM! Productivity!

Sample Track:

5. The Unicorns – Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?

What it sounds like:
The soundtrack to the first year of Garrett and I dating. Although I realize this will not help YOU be productive, I thought I would share it since we were talking about pleasantly discordant music. It kind of sounds like drunk kids messing around in their garage but writing lyrics that involve words like “genuflect.” Dude, not gonna lie, I had to look it up when I first heard that song. Anyway it’s brash, a little hairy, and fun to sing along with.

Sample Track:


When you are ready to annihilate your To Do List, what is first on your playlist?

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