January Favorites

Every year in January I go on bit of a shopping hiatus. It’s never really intentional, but I think with the last quarter of the prior year being ALL ABOUT DEALS! ALL OF THE TIME! I just sort of retreat from spending exorbitant amounts of money. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy making purchases, but they just generally tend to be smaller purchases on the cash spectrum.

Here are my favorite cheap thrills that I’ve purchased/put on my wish list this month! It’s only halfway through January so you have a couple more weeks to get in on the action. Most are fitness/beauty related because I think those are the kind of purchases that don’t necessarily cost a lot but can really make a difference.

1. Trader Joe’s Spa Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil – If you are interested at all in going from regular face wash to exploring the Oil Cleansing Method, I think this could be an interesting gateway.  It’s got a blend of coconut oil and tea tree oil, plus some other earthy smelling ingredients that will give your face the Oil Cleansing feel, but with the convenience of a drug store container.  At under $6 I thought it was worth a try, since you know I’ll try just about anything when it comes to skincare. Even Garrett likes it, although every time he gets out of the shower he makes a big To-Do about how he smells like a hippie. I think it smells pretty delicious!

2. Jennifer Aniston Rollerball Perfume — Oh. My. God. You guys, I know this one is so silly. So when I read about this perfume over on Style Lush, I was kind of intrigued. Floral is usually not my cup of tea when it comes to fragrance, so I was doubtful when I heard it smelled “jasmine-y” but review after review said it smelled beachy. When I walked into Sephora recently, there it was in a tiny little rollerball. And it DID smell beachy! And delicious! And I have worn it every single day this month, and I will tell you what, it’s a little piece of summer! And to have that feeling this time of year, for $18? Is a steal!

3. Kirkland Signature Workout Clothes — Yep, I’m talking about Costco. Have you seen their workout clothes lately? Pants, crops, tanks, zip ups — they are all cute and comfy and relatively cheap. I have been rocking the tanks 2-4 times per week for almost a year and they are still in super good condition. I know workout clothes from Costco doesn’t sound super sexy, but they work well and will have you look cute while working out. BONUS!

4. Cute Makeup Bags – I was just discussing how having The Good Stuff in my gym bag gives me something to look forward to when I work out and since I am (desperately) in need of a new makeup bag I have been searching around. I think this one will do the trick! It’s kind of splurge if you think of it as only a makeup bag, but if you think of it as a guarantee that you will get your butt to the gym a few mornings a week — well then, I think that’s worth its weight in gold!

5. Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Lip Gloss in Hottie — Ok, so the name is kind of lame, I’ll give you that. But what if I told you that it was a dead ringer for Chanel Glossimer in Spark. And it is only $12! Um, hello: STEAL! It’s not quite as nice as the Chanel version (obviously) but at more than half off, I think you will get over it. I kind of want one in every color.

6. Pomegranate Sparkling Water – This last one is kind of a touchy subject. I am COMPLETELY ADDICTED to fizzy water. So addicted that I should not be advocating on my website that you go out and buy ANY type of fizzy water because it is a danger zone! But this particular flavor is such a treat! And every time I go to the grocery store I pick up a few because for 89 cents IT MAKES MY ENTIRE AFTERNOON! I mean what can you even get any more for under a buck? Let alone something that will change your life for under a buck! Plus it guarantees that I won’t be tempted to pick up an afternoon cup of coffee, so you know — swapping one addiction for another? I don’t know. But if you see it in your neck of the woods, please try it. It is amazing!


So, I’m curious — any little cheap thrills making your day this month?

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