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2011 Autumn Bucket List — How’d I Do?

While it isn’t *exactly* winter yet, a few days in a row of frost and Christmas decorations everywhere have me mostly ready to say goodbye to fall and embrace winter. Or perhaps it’s because I didn’t really have the energy to do many of the things on my To-Do List so I’m just ready to put it to bed so it doesn’t hang over my head and taunt me anymore.


*Plan and execute Fall Garden – So in the end I made a conscious decision NOT to do this. I wanted *to want* to do this but every time I sat down to decide what to grow or when we would plant or whatever, I just wanted to do something else. Maybe next year when I pull the summer stuff I’ll just immediately plant the fall stuff so I don’t have time to get lazy about it.

*Buy a ridiculously good smelling candle – I bought two. And used them often!
I'll give you one guess as to what's on my agenda today

*Paint AT LEAST one room – BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA My paint phobia continues despite support from everywhere. I need an intervention! But I think it *might* get done before the year is out. I’m going to attack the Master Bedroom since it is tiny.

Here is (mostly) what the walls currently looks like:

Master Bedroom

Here is what I would like the walls to look like:


The year is not over yet — it could happen!

*Have a Football Party – Nope. Sure didn’t. I mean, Super Bowl is still coming, but it’s not high on my list.

*Try 5 new soups — I think I’m extending this goal into winter because it is a fun one, I’m just moving slowly.

*Attempt to make a Paleo Pecan or Apple Pie — Here’s the thing about Paleo Pie — it’s not as good as regular pie. That’s not to say ALL Paleo Desserts are not as good, but in this particular instance I’m taking a stand. So I plan to just 80/20 that situation and have the real thing if necessary (YEAH, I said necessary. Sometimes pie is necessary!) Oddly enough, haven’t felt the urge to have either anyway, so why bother with a Paleo version.

*Bake apples in the crockpot
– Yep. And it wasn’t that exciting. Or photogenic. 🙂


*Beat last year’s 5k time (41 minutes) in Run to Feed the Hungry
I DID beat my time! And I did it with many fun folks from my gym. Despite the fact that it was pouring rain (we don’t even look wet in this picture and dude it was FREEZING AND RAINY) we all kicked ass and took names!


*Get a pull up on a DAMN BAND!
I did this too! And it was elusive for a whole year! There are three bands in the gym — blue is the most resistance (easiest), red is in the middle, and green is the least resistnace (hardest). I’m currently using the blue in WODs but practicing (successfully, 1 or 2 at a time) on the red. My goal on the white board at the gym is to have an unassisted pullup by June 2012.

*Do 10 non-girl pushups (current count was 3)
The current count is now 10! YAY! Hooray for increased upper body strength. I’m not doing them in WODS all the time because it kind of takes ALL MY ENERGY to do 10 pushups (ha!) and rarely is that the only element in the workout. But I CAN do it. Which makes me happy.

*Get some double unders, yo!
(Demo at 1:20. I really just linked to this because I kind of have a crush on Chris Spealler. Why is he only like 4 feet tall?)
Anyway, I got some! Now granted at the most I’ve only done 4 in a row but hey — STILL! I’m excited, but there is much work to do!


*Keep up with Autumn Minibook — I did this and it was great! I show you the results sometime soon. It was a blast!

*Read 10 books (Sept-Nov) — I did! But just barely.

*Carve Pumpkins with Garrett – Fail. I’m probably going to be a terrible, lazy parent because I just couldn’t get excited about doing this, this year. I think I was too distracted eating ALL! THE! HALLOWEEN! CANDY!

*Figure out some legit Halloween costumes for the annual party we get invited to — YEP. I showed you already.

*Do an updated photo sitting with Donna Beck Photography – professional, blog photos, xmas card photos, family photos
*Ahem* Send Christmas Cards (well, towards the end of fall)
Let’s talk about Christmas Cards. While I love getting them, even the fact that Tiny Prints offered me 50 FREE CHRISTMAS CARDS to blog about them couldn’t even get me motivated. That is a sad situation, y’all. That said, I still need to take some updated pictures — especially to replace these blog ones that don’t even really look like me anymore. MUST DO!

*Soak in hot springs – No dice. Sadly.

*Have a FABULOUS GIRLS WEEKEND with AndreAnna and Liz – Um, done.



*Buy a loud colored coat – I bought a cream colored coat and I love it. No shame.

*Wear more of your fun hats – haven’t worn a single one. FAIL.

*Buy some fun tights – Yep. I bought a few pairs and I’ve worn them and loved them. Apparently not enough to photograph though.

*Find a damn perfect pair of boots! — I did. You’ve seen them. And I have a black pair too — and I love them both!

30 Days of Denim - Day Thirteen


Wow, I guess I did a little more achieving than I thought. I was feeling pretty down about all of my laziness this season but the truth is I did more than I thought! This is just why I do this — writing it down sort of burns the intention into my brain.

I’m not doing a Winter Bucket List because winter is for hibernating, and of course finishing up anything outstanding on my annual goals. But also, because I’m thinking more along the lines of wrapping up the end of the year and global planning for 2012. I’ve already got a head start on making Personal, Professional, Blog and Fitness goals so there will be many lists to come, don’t worry! The Bucket List will be back come spring!

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