Radvent Day Two // Balance

I love end of year reflection, so I’ve decided to participate in Princess Lasertron’s 2011 Radvent. I enjoyed reading the posts last year, so this year I’m going to take the time to do a little journaling each day. Check out the details here.


This is such an apt prompt for me since I feel like all I do is wax philosophical on balance. Does it surprise you that I’m a Libra? It probably shouldn’t.

The secret to how I do it all is that I don’t. This year I’ve come to terms with the fact that you really CAN have everything, you just can’t have it all at once. And really having a *knowing* about that, has been my biggest light bulb this year. Yeah I just got a little hippy woo woo on you. What of it?

Balance is a choice. And on some days I make better choices than others, just like with anything. Here is how I find focus — which for me leads to more balance:

I think about what I really want my life to look and feel like.
I try to assess my current situation as accurately as possible.
I work backwards and set goals.
I make lists.
I find mentors. (Even if that seems dorky.)
I say my intentions out loud. (Dorkier.)
I figure out how to do things better if I fail.
I ask for help from friends.
I spend time alone.
I read books.
I sleep, and take bubble baths and burn candles.
I remind myself to be grateful for whatever situation I’m in.

And if none of that works? Well, I change my direction and then start over from the top.

This year for me has been about improving health. It’s been about seeking sanity. About making space in my life for a baby. Many times that has meant I’ve skipped something else that I think is *important.* But more often than not, the important things have found me when I had some time to spare. Or they have stayed around in my psyche reminding me they exist every once in a while. There is time for everything, but the time for everything isn’t now. I have been diligent and focused, but this year I have also felt in balance.

And I hope I keep making that choice in 2012.

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