Daily Archives: November 22, 2011

Ok Internet, You Were Right

Dear Internet,

I like to give you a hard time about your recommendations sometimes. I joking say rather often that I should be fired from writing here because I have a tendency to not love things that OMG EVERYONE LOVES, AND WHY AREN’T YOU LOVING THIS RIGHT THIS SECOND?

But in this instance, you were right. You were SO right.

I’ve been reading in all of the following places:

*In bed under the covers
*On the couch while football is on in the background
*In the bathtub
*In line at the grocery store
*At the stop lights on my drive home from work
*On my lunch break
*While waiting for Garrett to get ready for the gym (just a few more pages!)

And I am already looking forward to the next book! And while this is completely annoying to Garrett that I have been ignoring him for the last 24 hours (despite the fact that he was out of town Friday, Saturday and Sunday) even he knows that there is no one happier than Holly when she is engrossed in a good book.

And now I will stop talking about myself in the third person because that is weird and say thank you to all of you for your gentle nudging.

And of course try and find a way to sneakily read a book at work. Can it happen? I’ll never tell…

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