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Garrett and I are celebrating our 6 year anniversary today. And as two people who do not count “gifts” as their love language AT ALL we will probably do something lame like go out to dinner at restaurant where we have a coupon and then come home and watch Beavis and Butthead on the DVR. I kind of can’t wait — it will be epic, I’m sure.

I am not going to show you lots of photos of us in love. Though I did slap up some funny photos of us last year on this date, so if that’s your bag, head on over. I’m not going to tell you how I think it is fate that we are together because I’m pretty sure I’ve told you that story once before. Yep, here it is. (Apparently this post is getting linktastic!) Instead I thought I would tell you some things that I love about Garrett that you might not know, because who doesn’t love a list? And I always like to hear this from my own friends — what is it about your main squeeze that makes you love them? So here goes.

I love Garrett because:

*He fixes things when they break. Like all things. Like there is not one thing he doesn’t know how to fix. I can’t even bring myself to fix a cocktail after a long day of work sometimes, so it goes without saying that I find this skill impressive.

*He finishes projects that I start after I get bored. Which, um…happens more than I like to admit. I planted the garden, Garrett watered it. I harvested the vegetables and cooked with them but he pulled all the plants when it was there time. You know what I’m saying here right. (Yes, I’m saying that I am lazy. But he NEVER makes me feel this way)

*He mows the lawn and does the laundry and cleans the toilets and I love him times A MILLION for all those things alone

*He lets me take pictures of him in my sunglasses and put them on the internet because I think it’s funny

Garrett is a very private individual and the thought of his business being OUT THERE on THE INTERNET kind of makes him want to break out in hives sometimes. You all, he refuses to even get on Facebook! But he supports all of my passions (including the upkeep and maintenance on this website) and he has become comfortable with the idea that this may mean his face will show up a time or two. In a VERY LARGE size. And I love him for that.

*His sense of humor is very inappropriate. Like VERY inappropriate. Not like rude or asshole-ish but just very dry. His sense of humor is the Sahara effing Dessert. But also, IT IS HYSTERICAL. He just says the funniest things, you all! And half the time I can’t even blog about it because I think someone will not understand, so I don’t. But I am hoping one day The Internet will get to enjoy his silliness. (Get a twitter account, Garrett! *hint hint)

*He looks very cute while playing Baby Whisperer
I mean of course I want to have a family and raise children and all of that nice life-benchmark-y type of stuff. But honestly, there is just an overabundance of excitement when I think not only do I get to do that (hopefully) but I GET TO DO THAT WITH GARRETT! He’s going to be such a good dad!

He’s just the best thing, you guys. I feel happy every day knowing that I get to come home and rehash our days and cook dinner and work out and read books together. My simple little life is just so much better with him (and his cute scruffy beard) in it, and I think my lucky stars daily that I found him!


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