Autumn Bucket List – 2011


It’s September! Let’s get this party started!


*Plan and execute Fall Garden
*Buy a ridiculously good smelling candle
*Paint AT LEAST one room


*Have a Football Party
*Try 5 new soups
*Attempt to make a Paleo Pecan or Apple Pie
*Bake apples in the crockpot


*Beat last year’s 5k time (41 minutes) in Run to Feed the Hungry
*Get a pull up on a DAMN BAND!
*Do 10 non-girl pushups (current count is 3)
*Get some double unders, yo!


*Keep up with Autumn Minibook
*Read 10 books (Sept-Nov)
*Carve Pumpkins with Garrett
*Figure out some legit Halloween costumes for the annual party we get invited to
*Do an updated photo sitting with Donna Beck Photography – professional, blog photos, xmas card photos, family photos
*Ahem* Send Christmas Cards (well, towards the end of fall)
*Soak in hot springs, preferably these hot springs
*Have a FABULOUS GIRLS WEEKEND with these ladies


*Buy a loud colored coat
*Wear more of your fun hats
*Buy some fun tights
*Find a damn perfect pair of boots!

And really, I think that is enough things to do before December, don’t you???

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4 Responses to Autumn Bucket List – 2011

  1. AndreAnna says:


    ::huffs off::

  2. LizScott says:

    Ha. 😛

    That picture? Makes me lust for fall. I LOVE fall. LOVE.

    Maybe we can convince AndreAnna to bring her magical jump rope made of gold and puppies so we can see if it helps our double-unders. (At time of this writing, I can do exactly zero (0) )

    • Holly says:

      Yes, she NEEDS to bring this magical, mystery rope. I can only do two double unders in a row and I feel annoyed by the fact that jumping rope is a challenge, DAMMIT.

  3. Carla says:

    Great list! I definitely think it’ll keep you busy! 🙂