30 Days of Denim – Day Twenty Two

I put on this outfit this morning not thinking too much about it, and was greeted by a gentleman waiting for the same elevator who said to me, “WOW! YOU’RE A GIANT.”

To which I responded, “You must be single.”

Well, at least I said that in my head anyway. I’m only 6’1 in these shoes, and I hardly think that qualifies as GIANT status, now does it.

Just to make sure, let’s consult Andre:

Just what I thought: he says NO. But then again he said that from the dead, so I don’t know how reliable that whole conversation was in the first place.

Here’s What I Wore:

Earrings: Target
Shirt: Banana Republic
Jeans: Ross
Shoes: Merona for Target

Some people just don’t know when to hold their tongue.


What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell.

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5 Responses to 30 Days of Denim – Day Twenty Two

  1. LizScott says:

    Oh for the love. You are NOT a giant and I love those earrings.

  2. Tamara says:

    I would have responded, “No, you’re just incredibly wee.” And then tickled him.

  3. Christy says:

    I love Tamara’s response!

  4. sizzle says:

    Men get so intimidated by a tall woman. I wish you had said that aloud (the thought you had in your head).

    I wish I wasn’t such a klutz. I feel like I can’t get away with high heels. I feel so wobbly.

  5. Pia B. says:

    You are so not a giant! Though it would have been hilarious if you did say what you thought. It’s only fair. If one can’t hold their tongue, why should you? Against said person of course. Could teach them a lesson. Haha!