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30 Days of Denim – Day Twenty Six

When I woke up this morning all the power was off in our house. Irritating. I scratched my head feverishly in hopes that it would help me figure out a way to brew coffee with no electricity (we have an electric stove) but to no avail.

Instead of sitting around staring at the wall (in the dark) I took my book light (good thing I got new light bulbs, eh?) to the closet and picked out the brightest, most obnoxious shirt I could find and then built an outfit around it.

Here’s What I Wore:

If there was ever an excuse to wear chartreuse, right? The rhyming makes me feel like this would make a good title for a children’s book. Although this outfit should never be mentioned in the context of children’s books though because all day long the sweater has kind of make me feel like a little bit of a flasher, and we could never work that into the plot because the would be kind of awkward.


Sweater: Gap Outlet
Chartreuse Tee: Banana Republic Factory Store
Necklace: Target
Tank: Gap
Jeans: Old Navy The Flirt Jeans
Shoes: Old Navy

Maybe I’ll try to work this outfit into the plot line of my Young Adult Paranormal Romance Novel.

Maybe not.

What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell.

How NOT To Compliment Someone Who Has Lost Weight

It could be just a case of the Monday Crabbies, but I need to take a minute to vent for a second. I know people generally have good intentions, or at least I like to think that. But losing a good amount of weight in the last year has really given me some hardcore evidence that many people just don’t think before they speak.

Let me enlighten you in case you consider any of the following compliments, THEY ARE NOT:

1. WOW! You look SO MUCH BETTER!
Hey, thanks asshole! Insulting what I looked like less than a year ago doesn’t endear me to you.

2. You look fantastic! Well everywhere except for this spot right here. (Insert awkward physical touching) Keep up the good work though!
Yep, this did just happen to me this weekend, and no I could NOT think up a witty retort because I was so shocked that someone was squeezing my belly.

3. Isn’t buying clothes so much more fun now that you look better?
Listen, buying clothes (at least for me) was always fun. Nothing has changed in that respect. Shopping rocks! Acting like it must have been this tragic thing for me just because my figure was curvier is a little bit revealing of your biases. Don’t put that on me.

I think most people file this under ‘N’ for None of Your God Damn Business, but there are definitely those persistent people who just REALLY need a number. I’m always shocked when people persist over this. What does it matter to you?

Hey, you know what, why don’t we just step on the scale and you can tell me?

6. I just can’t stop staring at you. You look great!
This may seem sort of innocuous, but really unless you are my boyfriend, I would prefer you stop staring at me, actually. It’s awkward. Especially because you are my coworker.

7. Can you eat that? I’m only asking because I don’t want you to derail so much progress.
People are lucky I don’t punch them in the face.

Maybe I need some more coffee. I don’t know. Am I being overly sensitive?

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