2011 Summer Bucket List — How’d I Do?

Oh man, the thing about goals is that I have ALOT OF THEM. I know some people think that is crazy, but I don’t always get them all crossed off, and that’s ok. But I like to push myself, and I think it is always good to have intention.

This time around is no different. I didn’t get to cross all of my goals off, but I think even where I “failed” the intention was still there. I’m wholly convinced this goal list helped me have a fantastic and memorable summer.

I can’t wait to start planning for Fall!



Go miniature golfing with Garrett (can you believe we have never done this together?) – FAIL

Hike Feather Falls (our favorite local hike. OMG, can’t wait!) – FAIL, but it is still warm out, so this one may still happen!

Go Wine Tasting (if we hit up Amador, I can cross this off my 2011 list too. Multitasking!) – Partial Credit because we did go wine tasting, twice! Just not to Amador.
2007 American River Red.  YUM.

Have a picnic in the Plaza in Sonoma (Gina and Jim, consider yourself invited) – Yes, for my cousin Jim’s 34th Birthday

Get to San Diego to visit my cousin (Hi Jen! You are missed!) – FAIL. Oh, such a FAIL. Plane Tickets: Y U NO BE FREE???

Pack Dinner and a blanket and head to McKinley Park – Partial Credit. We packed a number of dinners up and headed out on a blanket to eat them this summer. Only we did it in our backyard instead of traipsing across town to McKinkley Park. Figuring out that dinner on your lawn is just as good as dinner at the park = Seriously winning.
Our Picnic

Spend a weekend in Chico with my family – Partial Credit. We didn’t make it up to Chico, but we did get to see our Chico family which was awesome!

Go to the beach (um, and wear sunscreen!) – Oh this is such an EPIC FAIL. And also the thing I hate the most about Sacramento — no beach! We didn’t get out of town a lot this summer and the beach time suffered. Luckily California has great weather for most of the year so who knows, we may get to the beach in Fall!

Have a rollerskating date with my cousin (Flashback!) – Partial Credit. We are actually in the process of planning this date right now.

Superficial Goals (hey, we all need some)

Buy a cute new bathing suit (old ones are still cute, but no longer fit, woot!) – Done! And no, I’m not posting a picture in it. You’re Welcome!

Find a maxi dress that doesn’t look like a tent when you put it on – Partial Credit. I found THE PERFECT Maxi Dress! At Old Navy of all places! And then it hung in my closet for over a month because every time I tried to wear it OMG, it was SO HOT! And really, I don’t need help in the “getting sweaty” department. And I also don’t think Unsightly Ass Sweat makes a dress cuter. So I returned it. (TMI?) Maybe maxi dresses aren’t for me. Or at least not in the summer.

Make a ridiculously delicious Paleo dessert – Do sliced Flavor Grenade Pluots count? Ha. Fail.

Cook something with Bison – I made Bison Burgers! And they were Awesome! So awesome I didn’t even snap a pic!

Finish redesigning and migrating website (this will involve calling a professional, I’m sure) – It did involve calling a professional. But she rocked! And it is done!

Get over my flabby arm phobia and just buy some damn tank tops in which to work out – Done and done!
Portrait of a CrossFitter

Get a few pedicures (for everyone else’s sake. 😉 – Nope. Didn’t even get ONE. I KNOW, right???

Have a dinner party in my backyard before it gets sweltering – I had brunch instead!


Read outside as often as humanly possible – Oh I did this like it was my JOB!

Spend an evening drinking Mai Tais and (finally!) put your Maui photos in an album – While I didn’t drink Mai Tais, I did put a bunch of photos in albums last weekend. So nice to have it organized!

Make an effort to get 8 hours of sleep per night (so hard in the summer because it’s SO DAMN HOT) – Yep. The summer was mild, and the sleepin’ easy!

Enjoy your garden and can your little heart out when those tomatoes get overwhelming – Obviously.

Make Jam – No jam. But I do wan’t to make BACON JAM. How good does that look???

photo credit

Will you make a Fall Bucket List?

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9 Responses to 2011 Summer Bucket List — How’d I Do?

  1. Jessica says:

    I kept my summer bucket list simple:

    Have baby = accomplished
    Survive with two kids = accomplished, yay!

  2. Lesley says:

    Hmmm…I might need a lesson on how to make a bucket list rather than an ominous-looking to do list 😉

    • Holly says:

      Here is the formula (it’s very scientific): For one To-Do, add one SUPER FREAKING FUN thing. And make yourself do it. 🙂

  3. Melanie says:

    I didn’t make a bucket list, but I just had to add that my husband and I have never been mini-golfing either! Together for nearly six years, married for over three, and NEVER mini-golfed. Or go-karted!

    Luckily the local place that shut down around the time I moved into town has just opened back up, and it has both! Also, hopefully the weather will cool off enough soon for it to be pleasant. The Deep South has pretty miserable summers!

    So that goes on the Fall Bucket list then!

    • Holly says:

      Yeah, there is nothing worse than mini-golfing in extreme heat! UGH. I think that is what has prevented us in the past — it’s usually in triple digits most of the summer and I’m not into being hot. I’ll stay inside with a frosty cocktail, thankyouverymuch. But it MUST. BE. DONE. haha

  4. Carla says:

    My list was just to ave fun this summer with my kidlets, and we did! 🙂

    Bacon jam?! Damn!! I’d beating that straight outta the jar!! lol!

  5. Carla says:

    Umm… That would be: BE EATING.

    A small space makes all the difference doesn’t it?! lol!

    • Holly says:

      That was hilarious because my first thought was “Dude, I WANT to beat that outta the jar. Bacon Lovers Unite!”

      Thanks for a good laugh!