Daily Archives: August 19, 2011

Mental Health Day

Sometimes instead of waking up early on a Friday and going into work, you need to just say no.

You need to wake up a little later than usual.

You need to drink your coffee out on the back patio with a good book.

You need to think about nothing except the span of free time ahead of you.
(Also, maybe think about getting a pedicure.)

You need to pick some tomatoes.

And then because you haven’t in a while, you may need to pick some more.

And really, that is all that is required.

I took this morning off because we were going to a game night with some friends last night. Correction, I took this morning off because we were going to a game night on a Thursday night and I am now officially too old to socialize with wine on weeknights and still be productive at work the next day. It’s all about planning, see. Today sits in front of me and I really have no plan and I kind of love it. I’m going to putter around the house, tidy odds and ends, finish up some projects, hit up Goodwill for some leg warmers (more on that in another post), checkout a paper store in town that’s been calling my name, and whatever else I feel like.

And on that note, my second pot of coffee is done brewing and it’s not going to drink itself. Happy Friday, friends!

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