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My Workout Essentials

There’s nothing worse than harnessing your motivation, pumping up the volume and heading out for a great workout only to have your pants slide down, your shirt get all stretchy OR WORSE: your bangs flop in your face the whole time. OHMYGOD, with the bangs. Can. Not. Stand.

Sometimes I think the clothes make the workout.

After 10 months of intense CrossFit workouts, I have gotten my clothing choice down to a science. Here are some pieces I can’t live without, and one I’m dying to try.

(Clockwise from the center)

1. Moving Comfort’s Fiona Sports Bra – It is not hyperbolic to say this sports bra has changed my life. (Thanks, Sizzle!) Previously I was rocking the Enell (on Oprah’s recommendation, of course) because as us endowed ladies know, not any sports bra will do. I liked the way the Enell fit, but the way it looked left a lot to be desired. It was basically a harness, and while effective, it was not pretty. Fiona is both! And I love her! And she is HALF THE PRICE of the Enell. Score.

2. Mossimo Long and Lean Tanks – While I’m not super lean, I am definitely long, and I never have to tug or twist these tanks to ensure they are sitting right. They fit well, come in a range of cute colors, and they’re Old Navy cheap without being Old Navy quality.

3. Goody Stay Put Headbands – So hey, I have a weird shaped head. Did you know? Well now you do. I don’t know what it is but stretchy, athletic-type headbands just slide right off. That’s a lie, I know what it is. My head is funny and my hair is slippery, bad combo for headband wearers everywhere. I’ve tried them all and most of them can go kick rocks as far as I’m concerned. Weird heads, unite! But these ACTUALLY work on my head. So if you are in the same predicament, they’ve worked for me. Check them out. And if you are not in the same predicament: um, jealous!

4. Old Navy Compression Capris – So I know a few sentences above I just gave Old Navy clothes a dig, but I have to rescind that for a moment because they’re athletic line? IS AMAZING. I have multiple pairs of their compression pants and they are great quality, super cheap and let’s just say the seams give great ass. Yep, I said it. I know you always hear that about Lululemon, and that is probably the case. But my great ass can’t fit into those yet, and I enjoy spending around $20 on workout pants. If you are in either situation — go forth and purchase. Again, if you are not: Jealous. 🙂 (One day, Lulus. One day!)

5. Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Remover Wipes – I generally head to the gym straight from work and I hate getting sweaty with makeup all over my face. I also hate wearing cute professional outfits WITHOUT makeup on my face. Obviously this is a conundrum! I fianlly bought these and threw them into my gym bag on a whim, and it’s been love ever since. Best $4.99 I ever spent. I don’t find they dry out my face, and I don’t have to suffer through running with drippy, sweaty raccoon eyes. I know — The Glamour — I have it.

6. New Balance Minimus MT10s – I guess we should get this out of the way first — I’m a pretty staunch barefoot enthusiast. After reading Born to Run I thought the author was doing a little passing of the peace pipe if you know what I’m saying. But then I thought — why not try it? And a year later, I am a TOTAL peace pipe smoking convert myself. I generally wear a pair of Vibram Five Finger Flows, but recently a little hole ripped in the toe. Conveniently it was during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so I used that as an excuse to pick up a pair of these New Balance/Vibram hybrids and so far they are pretty great! While my first love will always be the Five Fingers, the Minimus gets a lot fewer stares and questions from strangers. And maybe this makes me a giant meanie, but I don’t like making small talk about my shoes when I’m sweaty and in my running clothes. It still has a Vibram sole but it’s a tiny bit more versatile, so for that, it is becoming my regular CrossFit shoe.

7. Old Navy Active Zip Hoodie — This last item is technically not one that I own (while all the others are) but I do love a sporty little zip up, and as the temps cool I’ve got my eye on this. I’m THAT in love with Old Navy’s active line that I think I’m going to try it. Lulu, I think Old Navy has its eye on you with it’s affordable stuff with pretty seams. Take Note!

What items can you not live without when working out? I’m always looking for game changing items — let me know!

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