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What’s In My…Pantry?

Well I’m so glad you guys liked What’s In My Fridge? That was kind of fun, so I guess the next logical step in the kitchen tour is What’s In My Pantry? Though I should confess right away that we use the term pantry loosely around here.

One of the best things about going Paleo is that we no longer have much packaged food lying around. In that sense, we’ve reduced our pantry stash to only a few cupboards. Technically it’s only these two cupboards:

That’s a real technicality though because since going paleo our spice drawer has doubled in size and we now have produce cropping up on every available inch of real estate in our tiny kitchen. For example, this is the sideboard in our kitchen, and there’s not much room to breathe unless you can make a Carmen Miranda hat.
I like to leave a cookbook open just because it looks pretty and is good for inspiration. But if we are being totally honest here (and I like to think we are) I also keep it out because it covers up our mess of cell phone chargers.
Just down the way from that sneaky little cookbook is more “pantry-esque” food storage. AKA, where the garden goes to chill. This is like the garden lounge. My squash are all gathering around and having cocktails together before they get in the hot tub. While I’m gathering inspiration from cookbooks that cover clutter, my vegetables seem to get inspiration from Jersey Shore.

Speaking of Jersey Shore, let’s go back to those cupboards shall we? Here’s where we store our cooking fats and protein powder. As you can imagine, Garrett is the real protein powder hound in this house. Wait until you see the backup stash.
The Pantry

My favorite fats to cook with are coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and regular olive oil (for things like homemade mayo and stuff that needs a milder flavor.) (See also: Butter, duh. But that was in the fridge.) I have some olive oil cooking spray back there too but I rarely use it.
We generally buy in bulk and then just refill our little containers that we keep within reach of the stove.

Next to that stash we have basically all the unperishable things we keep on hand. And really, it ain’t much.

And that’s it for the pantry tour. I can tell you it is significantly less that what we used to keep on hand. We do have a shelf out in the garage where we keep canned tomatoes/paste but I try not to keep too much of that on hand during the summer since it gets BLAZING HOT in the garage. It’s pretty bare right now and not worth a photo.

What do you think? Are we total nut jobs? Is my crazy! caveman! diet! still seeming that crazy?

Wait…maybe don’t answer the nut job question.

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