Style Question: Why do Old Navy Pants Suck So Hard?

Oh, so when I said I might start posting pictures of What I Wore did you think it would be fabulous and stylish fashion-y pictures?  BAHAHAHAHA…yeah, I am a woman of substance, not so much with the style.  

Today’s Style Question – Part One:  Why do Old Navy’s pants stretch out so that you can fit an adult diaper in there only 4 hours after wearing them?  And Part Two:  Why do I continue to buy them?  

The quick answer to Part Two — these pants were $11.99 on clearance and they were vanity sized to high heaven! 

The top photos?  From 7am this morning.  
The bottom photos?  Taken at noon.  

That is some Dramatic Ass Pooching, if I do say so myself.  What gives, Old Navy?
I mean really?  What could these pants possibly be made out of that they stretch so amazingly without even being considered “stretch” pants.  

My final questions of the stylish nature then, is:  If you can only get 2 acceptable hours of wear out of a pair of pants is the bargain and vanity sizing worth it?  

I’m thinking not.  



Do you love Old Navy Pants?  Am I crazy? 

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2 Responses to Style Question: Why do Old Navy Pants Suck So Hard?

  1. Chelsea says:

    SO not worth it. I found that the 'Dreamer' jeans are the only pants I've had that don't do OMG MAGIC WASHCLOTH GROWING in two seconds after I put them on. I can't deal with it anymore. Too old for that shit, as I say.

    Same thing with almost all their clothes though. I used to live in their t-shirts, not realizing how completely stretched out and…horrible they would be by the end of the day. Switched to Target & Nordstrom t-shirts and feel 100% better when I walk in the door at home at 6pm and have to see myself.

  2. Manda says:

    They do indeed suck hard. I agree wholeheartedly.