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DIY Jewelry Storage For DIY Dummies

In my dream life I am very crafty. 

I cut things and sew things, and every project I start turns out perfect from the conceptualizing phase to execution.  I patiently complete each step in its proper order, feeling more and more inspired as the process goes on.  Oh and speaking of the process, I artfully photograph each and every step so that later I can quickly and easily throw up a tutorial on my perfectly designed website to show other creatively-challenged folks how they too can aspire to be as perfect as I am in soft-focus. 

Oh wait that’s right —  at this here blog, I document reality.

Since Garrett and I moved in together (two years ago tomorrow, actually HEY-O!) he has been hounding me about getting my jewelry under control.  I have lots of necklaces and rings and earrings and bracelets and they usually end up falling out of the one random organizer that I have and this drives him bananas.  Don’t worry, he doesn’t have Sleeping With The Enemy type OCD, he is just one of those logical people who sees a problem and thinks “Hey, how about we find a solution?” whereas I’m more the type to see a problem, get annoyed by it, and then continue to complain about it incessantly while actually repeating the problematic behavior.

What can I say, opposites attract. (Cue Paula Abdul. You’re Welcome!)

So you would think we could put our two college educated heads together and come up with a solution fairly quickly, but that is ultimately where you would think wrong.  Garrett + I are DIY Dummies sometimes. And not because we don’t have what it takes — I can be a big dreamer when it comes to projects, and damn if Garrett can’t put back together ANYTHING that falls apart, but mostly we are just Lazy DIYers. Anyway, all that to say, after two years of scheming, one day of purchasing, and three consecutive weekends of watching our purchases gather dust on our kitchen table, we finally managed to get this up last weekend.  Then, of course, we spent the MANY MANY days patting each other on the back like we had just finished painting the Sistine Chapel. 

Coupled with my old craptastic organizer that all the necklaces used to fall out of, it now fits all of my baubles perfectly.  Yes, I did just say baubles even though the bulk of my jewelry comes from the clearance rack at Target.  Cut me some slack. I would like to ONE DAY own baubles so don’t kill me dream, alright?

If you want to know the truth, I’m a little bit disappointed at the function over fashion element.  Frankly, my dream jewelry organizer looks like this and I actually thought about doing that for a minute, but luckily I am competent enough to know my limitations.  OK, OK the truth is I showed that post to Garrett and said, “Hey, you’re super handy…what do you think about creating something like this?”  And he looked at me like I was speaking French and said, “You want to install moose antlers in our closet to help declutter?” And then because neither of us even knew where to find moose antlers, we settled on a  Plan B.

The next time I went to Target I spied some belt hooks out of the corner of my eye, remembered an old blog post I had come across, talked Garrett into buying some wood to slap them on in Home Depot, and lo and behold this necklace storage solution was created!  Sorry I don’t have any soft focus pictures to show you the step by step. Overall I have to say I am very happy with it!  And aside from having to laugh at the same joke that every man tells when using a stud finder (Hey honey…look, I put it on my chest, and it FOUND A STUD!) the whole process was relatively painless.

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