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I’ll Have the Pancakes in the Age of Enlightenment 

In various forms this week I have seen/heard/read the Voltaire quote that deals with the idea of all of us only being able to tend our own gardens.  I don’t really believe in coincidences so I kind of feel like maybe The Universe (dun dun duuuun!) is slamming me over the head with the idea that I need to quit worrying about everyone else and just do my own thing.  Or, in the wise words of Ronnie and Sammy from the Jersey Shore —  “You do you and I’ll do me.”  I feel like I should win some sort of prize for discussing Voltaire and The Jersey Shore in the same paragraph, no?  The Universe could also just be telling me to finish fertilizing my garden beds too, which I have added to my To-Do List this weekend. 

What the World Needs Now is Another Celeb Memoir

Speaking of things I am planning on doing, since I love talking books with you all so much that I’ve decided to start something new around here.  It’s going to be called I Read Celebrity Memoirs So You Don’t Have To — I will let you connect the dots on what that is going to be about.  I figure it will make me feel slightly less guilty about all the trashy celebrity books that I read if I can tell you about them.  I will consider it a noble deed, eradicating the need for others to read bad celebrity memoirs.  This is the cross I will bear for you, dear reader.  And since we are on the topics of books and reading, I’ll be posting my monthly book list on Monday, and there were some interesting ones this month — even a celebrity memoir (or two…Jeez, I’ve got a problem.)

Coming Soon to an Unambitious Blog Near You

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog lately and some of the things I feel like doing with it.  Don’t worry, this it isn’t anything conceptual.  I’m not “changing my niche”.  I don’t plan to “build a brand”.  I don’t need this blog to “take me places.”  This will not be a platform for my future “world domination”.  I also do not plan to overuse quotation marks (though I can make no promises about Caps Lock.)  None of that is what this marination is about.  I’m talking more on the superficial front.  I have a bazillion ideas that run through my head each day about things I should post.  But then my brain starts to short circuit or I think — dude, you don’t even have a category for that, you can’t post that — and then I don’t.  Which is dumb, so I plan to stop that.  

I read a lovely quote this morning via a link on Making it Lovely and it the following line struck me:

If you wait around for the clouds to part and a bolt of lightning to strick you in the brain, you are not going to make an awful lot of work.  All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself.

This was meant for “artists” but I consider writing to be under that umbrella and I just loved hearing this idea again.  It’s not about waiting for inspiration, it’s about churning out garbage and finding the gem.  In my mind I consider this website a journal of my life, but there is just so much that I forget about, miss the opportunity to post about, or just plain get lazy about documenting for fear that it will look out of place or people won’t get it or won’t care.  But you know what?  The truth is that I look out of place sometimes and in that way it would be the most accurate portrayal. 

Don’t worry I’m just talking about doing some fun voyeuristic things like A Day in the Life — don’t you love those sort of fascinating looks into other people’s lives?  Or I might jump on Sarah’s bandwagon and do 30 LittleThings.  Maybe I’ll start photographing what I wear again — it’s been a while and I basically have nothing to wear so maybe that will reinvigorate my creative side.  Who knows.  Like I said, superficial stuff that makes me happy.  This is a blog, not a branding document. 

I hope you will stick around for the ride!

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