Things To Do This Week — in bullets!

What are you up to this week?  I’d like to accomplish the following in my spare time:

1.  Figure out what I’m doing with my life.
Oh this could be the longest bullet, but since I don’t talk about My So-Called Professional Life here it will be real short.  Rest assured, the steps involved are taking up quite a bit of space on the To-Do List.

2.  Get my freaking garden in order 
120 square feet, people.  This is a lot of space to manage with novice gardening skills, you see and I’m beginning to get anxious.  I have like 50 plates spinning relating to this garden — seeds, little plants, direct sow, herbs, summer vegetables, flowers?  HOLY MOSES.  And now I must also test the soil in my garden beds since according to Finny this will help me grow a bazillion produce items?  What am I even going to do with this alleged bazillion items?  Sigh.  I need a To-Do List for this item on my To-Do List.

3.  Harness my inner party planner. 
Garrett turns 30 in exactly 40 days, which consequently happens on a Saturday.  Obviously there will be festivities.  The problem is mostly that being the extrovert I am, I would like to throw the World’s Biggest Shindig.  And as you know having friends over for dinner makes Garrett want to take a week off from life, so obviously he would like to have a low-key mellow evening with friends.  I know it is his birthday after all, but I have some hand-wringing around the idea of such a landmark birthday going by without proper celebration.  We must compromise at some point, and obviously I need to deal with invitations.  I anticipate the management of this project to be, um…challenging to say the least. 

4.  Get some pants
The scale, that little bitch, has not really been moving for me as much as I would like in the past 2 months.  The thing is — NONE OF MY PANTS FIT ANYMORE.  In fact, the pair that I am wearing today could probably fit not only me, but also an elephant playing the banjo.  And that is just in the booty area.  It’s the biggest mindf*ck, really.  I know I am working hard, my body composition is changing but that damn scale is being stubborn.  It’s lame.  And probably a post in itself, but I’m not going to do that to you today because I have talking A LOT about fitness lately and that’s probably sounding a bit like a broken record. 

So…yeah — who wants to help?

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