Greetings from Deserts of New Mexico …

…where we are hanging out with:

5 horses
10 Chickens
15 Goats
4 Cats
1 Dog

Oh, and also?  Garrett’s parents.  

The weather has been lovely and cooperative (clear skies with absolutely crisp air) but the elevation has done a number on us and we’ve literally been sleeping 12 hours a night like drunken teenagers.  

His parents have a ranch on 200 acres out in the middle of nowhere the state and it has been peaceful and full of adventure all at the same time.  Today I got a lesson on guns.  I’m hoping there isn’t a test later because I will fail miserably, but it has been fun learning the paces of a totally different lifestyle.  I feel like Pioneer Woman but less internet famous.  

It’s been a blast.  When I have the patience to upload some pics I will, but out here in the Wild West the internet is dial up, so don’t hold your breath.  Hope you all are having great weeks as well!

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One Response to Greetings from Deserts of New Mexico …

  1. Home Sweet Sarah says:

    Can't wait to see the pictures – I've always wants to go to NM, especially in the winter! Have fun and see you soon(ish)!