Daily Archives: January 10, 2011

Well would you look at that…

I’m interrupting your regular broadcast here to point out a few features of our Boeing…

….wait, where is this metaphor going?  Oh right, Blog Navigation!

So I’ve updated a few things here and there for better-ish navigation.  It was about time, really.  Frankly it is about time for me to burn this baby to the ground and head over to wordpress but there are just so many steps to that in my mind, so that is coming eventually.  But for now — a few quick fixes. 

1.  A New About Page — Who the hell am I?  What the hell am I doing here?  All of these deep metaphysical questions are answered there.  Also — my email address! For love notes!  I am currently accepting them.

2.  A Recipes Tab — As it says, there is not a lot in there right now.  This is sad considering how much I actually cook.  I’m hoping to add some more original recipes in the near future so stay tuned for that.  

3.  My 2011 Goals —  Because who doesn’t like to look at the things other people are pushing themselves to do?  Isn’t that the best inspiration?  Anyway, this is what I’m up to and thinking about this year — have any solutions?  I’m all ears.  

4.  My Cooking Bucket List — I hate the phrase “Bucket List” almost as much as I hate the phrase…well, let’s not even go there.  But how else do you say “A List of Stuff  That I Would Like To Cook At Some Point In My Lifetime” in 3 words without it?  Necessary Evil I guess.  

So that’s the story, morning glories.  Take a look around, stay awhile.  And while you’re at it, let me know what you think!

Shut In

This weekend I:

  • Read two books
  • Enjoyed the Free Showtime Preview Weekend and watched dumb Twilight movies to my heart’s content (and to Garrett’s dismay)
  • Ran a few miles
  • Watched Whip It and wondered if I still knew how to roller skate
  • Made The Perfect Roast Chicken (and it was!)
  • Spent $65 at Whole Foods and left carrying only one bag
  • Watched a ridiculous amount of football
  • Experimented with The Oil Cleansing Method on my face
  • Took 3 baths
  • Took 2 naps
  • Watched the sun come up
  • Drank a LOT of coffee
  • Contemplated running a half marathon in Seattle in June 
  • Only did what I damn well pleased

And it was awesome.

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