July: Revisited

So I probably should have posted this, you know, on the first of the month but I like to think my lagging is more of a representation on how I’m going to treat August — and that is being lazy.  It’s last month of summer, and since the weather has been so fantastic (I can’t even believe I am saying that) I want to enjoy that. Sure I will have goals (which I will probably post, you know, sometime) but I am definitely going to do a little more relaxing because man July was a busy one! Along with a 30th birthday extravaganza in Chico, a baby shower here in town, and a number of extra curricular work related things, I also managed to put a few other things on my list. 

Here were my intentions for July, and in blue how I actually measured up:

Health and Wellness

*Make Appointment with Naturopathic Doctor – Done! And I actually went to that appointment and it was awesome. I’ll have to tell you about it.
*Make Appointment with Dermatologist to get skin checked – Done! Though I have a follow up appointment (eek!) because there were some “irregularities.” That word sucks.
*Workout 15 times – I did not do this. And, um, let’s just leave it at that for now :)
*Get Haircut – I also did not do this. I don’t know what my mental block is with stupid haircuts, it takes me forever to make an appointment!
*Get Pedicure (Trust me, this counts as Wellness! haha) Oh HELL YES, and my “A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find” toenails thank me for it.


*Plan a Date Night Outing with Garrett – We sort of did this.  Actually, I have a whole post brewing in my head about how I feel about “date night” and those expectations.   
*Cook Dinner for Family or Friends at least twice – Yes!  I cooked a Surf and Turf extravaganza for my mom’s birthday, and I did some cooking for Garrett and his uncles one weekend, and my mom and I had a girls weekend where we made some fun dinners.  Good cooking all around, this month. 
*Think of a thoughtful, creative present for my Mom’s Birthday – I think I did that, you should ask my mom.  :)
*Have a Girls Night Out! – Well my official Girls Night Out was postponed, but my mom and I did have a girls weekend, so I think that counts!

Cooking and Baking

*Make Jam – Done!  And it was awful, or I totally would have blogged it.  I tried my hand at Nectarine Raspberry Freezer Jam, and although it was okay, I can officially say I hate Freezer Jam. 
*Meal Plan for the next 4 weeks – Done. 

Intellectual Pursuits

*Read and Review 4 books (on the blog or Goodreads) – Done! Are you on Goodreads?  Why are we not friends?
*Submit one piece of writing to a website that is not your own – Hey, did you hear?  I’m writing for Bodies In Motivation now.   

I postponed all of this until August

*Finish Coursework for 2nd Exam of Insurance Designation
*Schedule 2nd Exam
*Purchase Materials for 3rd Exam


*Paint Guest Bedroom – Nope.
*Clean Out Closet – Yep.
*Do a Goodwill Run  – Yep.
*Narrow Down Options for Landscape Contractors – Yep. 

Money and Budget

*Try (really I mean it, honestly, try) to keep grocery budget under $400 – Uh, to be revisited.  But mostly No, I did not keep our grocery budget under $400. 
*Revise Our Monthly Budget  – Also to be revisited another time

I have to say I feel pretty good overall.  I may have set my expectations pretty high as far as things to accomplish, but that definitely motivated me.  August is going to include a little more relaxing, but still a number of new and exciting things.  I’m looking forward to it!

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