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I would like to be sitting here reporting on life’s latest events as if everything is fine and dandy but for some reason I have been sort of incapable of forming complete sentences lately. I have emails to write, facebook messages to return, a blog that is begging for attention and I have fingers that are suffering from emotional arthritis and if it is more than a ‘status update’, then they just aren’t budging. I wish my life was exotic or exciting right at this moment, but the truth is that I just have ALOT going on and to actually think and reflect and write about all of it is sort of overwhelming, but I’ll settle in for a few minor updates.

So I’m moving again, which is pretty much common knowledge at this point, so I’m sorry if you are thinking “Newsflash, we already knew that. Give me some actual juice.”  I opted to check out this local company in Virginia and find a suitable property to move in. But I really haven’t expanded on it too much. Garrett and I are moving in together and I am simultaneously ecstatic about it and exhausted by the thought of it all. I’m not sure if I should make 100,000 lists of all the million things that I have to do before April 15th and FREAK the EFF out, or if I should just sit back and enjoy the fact that Garrett and I are in the process of carving out a life together, our life together, the life that we started carving out together years ago and just go with the flow and revel in the fact that these are pretty exciting times. I know far off in the future we will look back at these days with nostalgia. The newness of it all! We’ll probably laugh at the stress it caused. How we freaked out over the possibility of having too many slotted spoons. What to do?!? The Horror! But as you know, I’m not so much of a go-with-the-flow type. And honestly, the whole process just makes me want to lie down and take a nap — but there is NO TIME! There are lists to make! and houses to clean! and things to pack! Chop! Chop! And that is pretty much the pace of my life right now.

…and speaking of packing. I hate it! And I’m totally awful at it. I wish I could enter a contest to be the world’s WORST packer. I throw breakable things in laundry baskets, heirlooms in weekender tote bags, I just HATE it. And no amount of preciousness that an object possesses will make me want to be any more careful in how I wrap the item and place the item. It’s truly a character flaw. However despite my distaste for packing, this weekend Garrett and I packed up my ADORABLE kitchen (RIP. I’ll miss your adorableness) and moved the bulk of my kitchen-y stuff to Garrett’s house, er…I mean, our house. (Note to self: Work on that. It ain’t the Bachelor Pad, no mo’! Holla!) Oh my god, and can I tell you what I discovered? If there is one thing I can promise you right this very minute, it is that when Garrett and I get married we will not register for One. Single. Item. of kitchen paraphernelia because we have already got it covered. So you know, there’s that to look forward to if you’re coming to the wedding. Unless of course you would like to purchase the Martha Stewart Easter Egg Blue Kitchen Aid Mixer that I LUST FOR or something. But we can talk about that at another time. Like when I am actually engaged. You see how I get ahead a bit ahead of myself? See: Character Flaws.

So anyway, when we got home Garrett basically told me to have my way with the kitchen since I am definitely the manager of the inventory and operations in there most of the time, and let me tell you, it was kind of thrilling! Yeah, I’m a dork like that, what? Organizing a kitchen on a Sunday afternoon thrills me, once I got away from the initial WHERE THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO PUT ALL THIS STUFF anxiety. I’m sad to be leaving my adorable and stylin’ acid green kitchen with all of it’s charm and character, but I keep reminding myself that there is a lot to be said for, oh I don’t know, drawer space! and counter space! and cabinets! OH MY….even if it does come with a Harvest Gold Range. (And a cherry on top?) Yes, I did say a Harvest Gold Range. (However, in its defense, in the last 13 years that I have lived on my own, Garrett’s Harvest Gold GE Range is the best oven I have ever cooked in, hands down…so I guess aesthetics will have to take a back seat for a bit until we can afford the dream Viking Range.) Anyway, that’s kind of where my head is at lately. Packing up and moving again. I feel like I could have a second career as a gypsy — but I guess I won’t put that on my resume, eh?

In other news, I started working out again and it feels FANTASTIC! If someone could bottle that feeling into like a cute little vitamin water bottle so I could just have a few sips when I was feeling lazy and wanting to skip out on my work out, that would be great. Could one of you get on that? Because I feel so much better when I’m working out (scratch that, after I’m done working out), but honestly the only thing that is keeping me motivated right now is that I signed up for a class that is costing me money and Good God Damn, I’m gonna get my money’s worth. But I’m looking for perhaps, some other motivation…so if you’ve got any, let me know!

Also, speaking of suggestions, if you have any about Maui I am actively planning my May/June vacay, so please chime in. I did the math today and it looks like I am working about 8 days in the month of June with all the rendezvous (how do you make that plural?) that I have planned, so I’m thinking July is gonna be a rude awakening. But hey, at least I will be waking up in a fantastic house that will be all ours!

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