Overstimulated much?

I’m generally not a huge fan of travelling for work. When I was younger I loved it — the glamour of driving a rental car (ha!), having a whole hotel room to myself, a new town to explore, and no one to answer to.

Though I’m now happily attached to my daily routines and don’t find travelling quite as glamorous as I once did, I still thoroughly enjoy having a whole hotel room to myself in which to indulge.

Exhibit A:

I’m blogging right now under the covers of my King Size bed as I listen to my favorite crafting podcast, watching Showbiz Tonight in the background on Mute on this ginormous flat screen TV, nibbling on some tasty munchies from Bristol Farms while reading bits and pieces of a fun new book in between it all.

Who says you can’t get a million things done while curling up under the sheets?

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