Monday Musings: Reason # 472 why people never believe it when I tell them I’m half Mexican

Getting ready this morning I was a little bitter.

After some vacay, some time spent at the beach, and definitely some fun in the sun, I wasn’t dying to get back to work on a Monday morning, but I found a little inspiration in my bathroom cabinet this morning that kept me going in the form of Faux Tan. As I was doing my makeup I thought to myself — “To heck with it, I don’t want to go to work, but I’ve been at the beach for 4 days so I’m going to go a little heavy on the bronzer this morning to give myself that ‘fresh from vacation’ glow.” And it worked. I felt fabulous!

And then I walked into work.

THREE SEPERATE PEOPLE asked me today why I was so white when I just got back from vacation.


I’m back to being Bitter.

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